Boost the Wholesale Customer Order Management Experience

Hand_writing_Smiley_on_the_Customer__-_Customer_RetentionToday, there are many similarities between B2C and B2B customers. Both expect a good customer experience from the business, and how successful you will be depends on how well you meet those expectations with what you offer. The B2C experience has improved with web, social, and mobile solutions. B2B customers are looking for more, too.

However, there are also differences, and understanding that will make it easier to provide what your B2B customer needs.  B2B customers are less likely to be influenced by whims, and are more influenced by their own customers and other economic factors. It is important to be able to recognize the changing needs and trends of your B2B customer. Your B2B customer may have several decision makers and departments involved in the buying process. You need to have something in place that allows them to move quickly when decisions are made.

Successful B2B companies pay attention to customer satisfaction on a daily basis. Customer order management software is the way to create a good B2B customer experience, just like B2C, while also meeting the specific needs of B2B customers.

B2B Customers Are Given Control with Customer Order Software

You may offer similar products as your competitors, so pricing may have some influence on decision-making. However, often it is the customer experience that determines customer satisfaction. Your customers want to be able run their businesses efficiently and meet their customer needs. Providing the best way to do that is what gets them to be your customers. With customer order management software, your customers choose when to order, or reorder. Being web-based, order software lets them create and manage orders whenever and wherever it is convenient. Your customer can access his or her account to check the status of orders, review order history, keep updated on pricing and inventory, and search for products. Customer order software that integrates with your existing QuickBooks database, allows orders to be entered automatically, reducing error, and speeding up delivery. Since they are part of the process, your customers have confidence that you can meet their needs in a timely and efficient manner.

Enhance Your Customer’s Experience with Now Commerce

Each of your customers can have their own customized customer portal tailored to suit their needs. Your logo, colors, and link to your site is on their sign-in page.  Your customers will be able to create and access orders and order information, search for products, and find answers to their questions without requiring additional staffing on your part. Much of the manual data entry, order tracking, and administrative duties will be done automatically. You will have access to detailed reports that will let you see trends and better meet your customers’ needs. The order experience for your customers will be one that builds confidence and loyalty. You will save time and money, and your sales reps will be able to focus on helping your business grow.

For more information about how you can improve your B2B customers’ experience, get a free, live demo from Now Commerce today!order management system