Give Sales Reps the Edge with B2B Order Management Software

Growth_of_sales_repPerhaps you've been on the lookout for better B2B order management software after far too many years of your sales reps complaining about lack of data entry efficiency. With the B2B industry being more competitive than ever, your sales reps are likely getting overwhelmed keeping up with their customers and keeping track of all the records. These business growth bursts are common, and keeping things status quo is a major risk.

If you're still forcing your sales representatives to enter order information manually and search spreadsheets or several databases for information, you're only hurting work morale. When you start to overwork your sales team, they'll only become more stressed and begin suffering in their jobs.

Fortunately, there is software available that can help you get your sales team on a path toward better time efficiency so they spend time on more important things. It's important they manage your accounts with accuracy since a sudden influx in sales could overwhelm and cause major mistakes.

With an automated order system, you have a more convenient method of account checks and new ways to make the sales process easier. You even give power to the sales reps to place orders under their own accord, which removes a layer of pressure with your inside team as well.

Automatic QuickBooks Entry

Some of your sales reps are likely mobile now and perhaps take orders from buyers in many different locations. Having to enter order information on an order form and then enter it again later into your accounting software is a major hassle especially when in a hurry and orders are piling up.

When you use order management software, all orders automatically go into QuickBooks so your reps don't have to reenter it. With easy access to customer order information, your sales team can keep all orders perfectly organized to scope out errors and other vital information.

Because most of your sales reps need to keep better sales records for commissions or taxes, this automatic order procedure helps your staff in how they work. They can travel anywhere and review account histories on their smartphones or tablets.

Customer Account Records

Checking up on customer orders is essential for sales reps and b2b order management software gives them the freedom to place orders, check inventory, monitor shipments and tracking info as well as payments and credits.  Sales reps need to keep up with every detail, and it automatically eliminates the need to check back at the office to find out information.

When your sales reps have to travel long distances for sales, having them call your office to find out account information details is a major pain. It also adds up in long distance charges if your staff travels overseas. Faxing and emails are also a time waster since it provides no live results. Plus, emailing or faxing staff to send account information can take hours or days as well as holds up shipments. 

Sales status is extremely important to follow up on as well since customers could easily complain if an order stays static without shipping. Your sales staff can give instant updates to buyers if they're wondering when an item ships out or if it's on back-order.

Automatic Alerts When Account Changes Occur

What your sales team is going to really appreciate is our ability to send automatic alerts when account changes happen. Your reps won't have to automatically sign in every hour of the day to find out information. This helps immensely when they need to communicate with customers and pass on updates to them.

Having to give customers another phone number just to find out account information strains any communication between the buyer and the sales rep. Having all account info at the rep's fingertips gives a real-time approach to all sales that the B2B industry needs.

Visit us here at Now Commerce to find out more about our software. We'll make your sales team happier so your B2B company continues to ride your new wave of success.order management system