How Smart Wholesalers Make Order Entry Software Work for Them

wholesale_growth.jpgNot so long ago, wholesale businesses were driven by putting a face to their brand.  Sales staff made the rounds, often driving thousands of miles a year to represent your business, drum up whatever sales they could get and throw anything they could against the proverbial wall to see what would stick, and what wouldn't.  Trade shows tried to show what the next newest and biggest thing was to hit and a good wholesaler went with their instincts as to what they needed to sell to their clients.

Wholesale businesses can be made or broken on just one thing: innovation.  If your business is behind the times, you are competing with other businesses that might have better resources to streamline how they handle customers, manage inventory, and offer support.  With so many things on your plate, whether it is managing sales staff, keeping your brand fresh, making new contacts, or selling your products, your main focus should not be worrying about how your information is being handled.  

As technology expands, wholesalers have an opportunity to take advantage of better ways to manage their customer orders, forecast and manage inventory.  With B2B storefronts looking more like B2C, expectations are rising and to get ahead of the competition you’ve got to get your order process streamlined, inventory accurate and shipments out the door and to the right places. 

How a successful wholesaler makes the most of order entry software is what is going to determine whether or not they have the edge it takes to expand their market share with less headache.  Otherwise, you are just sticking with old standards and practices, which might have worked in the last century when salesmen were going door to door, but this is not the wholesale world of old.  

When the majority of your sales, records, contacts, and staffing information can all be done on your tablet or phone, you need the right order management system to keep your business secure.  When everything is working in all the right ways, you can be a more confident and capable wholesaler.  Building a solid reputation for yourself as the go-to company when it comes to business is worth a thousand salesmen knocking on doors.  Business comes to you.  Word of mouth means exponential growth.  

Order entry software eliminates the confusion and chaos you might experience as you grow your customer base because it organizes your sales orders and invoices all in one place.  Your paper trail is at your fingertips, as is your customer's order history, and even access to what is trending.  If an order needs to change, it can be done on the spot, whether it is in your back office, or out on the road.  Order entry software allows your people knocking on doors to access all their customer account information rather than calling the central office.  Your office manager can track orders, return product, and manage distribution with all of the information right there, where they need it, instead of wasting their time chasing down paper invoices and orders that could otherwise disappear.  Your business in the cloud can also allow an added level of security when it comes to back up nightmares or other forces of nature.  Whatever happens, your business will be safe and ready to grow no matter what life throws at you.

If you are up to your neck in paper orders instead of running your business, contact us today.  We offer solutions for your wholesale business you can count on. 

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