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Five Ways B2B Customers Will Benefit From an Order Management System

An order management system that syncs with QuickBooks has many benefits inside a small wholesale business. It allows B2B customers and outside reps to efficiently place orders and answer their own customer service questions so your inside staff can use their talents to grow the business instead of spending their days in QuickBooks. Your customers will benefit, too. Here are five reasons they will love an online ordering system.

Web-Based Order Processing: How to Make Your Order Processing More Like Amazon

Amazon is popular for a reason—the website provides a customer shopping experience that's truly unparalleled.

But, when it comes to the way you do business, obviously the entire Amazon experience isn't quite what your customers are looking for. Amazon is engineered specifically for individual consumers and is filled with ads, upsells, cross-sells, and other distractions—it's not really built with dealers or retailers in mind.

3 Powerful Features Customers Want in a B2B Order Site

Distributors, manufacturers, and wholesalers rely on B2B orders from loyal customers. What Customers Want in a B2B Order Site – is the question businesses should be asking. In order to retain repeat customers and gain new customers, innovative solutions have to be attained and implemented. Now Commerce helps businesses stay ahead of advancing technology, by offering a cloud based add-on for QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise users.

Portal Software Isn't Just for Placing Orders

Paper-based order handling methods can't keep up with the speed and accuracy required by today's wholesale businesses. This is why it's so important to use portal software that is specifically made to handle all of the demands of this environment. This software doesn't just accept online orders from customers. Instead, it modernizes the entire operation so orders are handled better no matter which channel they come through.

Tips for Rolling Out Your Order Management System

An online order management system that is specifically designed for your sales reps and B2B customers will bring you many benefits. Letting them enter orders and answer their own questions 24/7 frees up your inside staff to focus their time on problem solving and growing your business rather than order entry and customer service. An online portal also improves customer service by eliminating the wait for answers to the most common customer and rep questions, such as inventory, pricing, and tracking numbers. Most B2B customers and reps will begin using your new online portal immediately.

Here are some tips to make the transition easy and encourage the few that will be slow to adopt it.

Six Ways Sales Reps Benefit From an Online Ordering System

Online ordering systems set sales reps up for success by enabling them to do what they do well: sell. An online ordering system will give your sales reps the tools they need to manage their accounts quickly and effortlessly by giving them access to important customer account information. This in turn allows them to focus on strengthening relationships with their customers and increasing sales.

Here are six ways sales reps will benefit from an online ordering system.

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