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Why QuickBooks Premier Manufacturing & Wholesale Beats Pro and QBO

One of the great things about QuickBooks is that there are multiple versions to meet any need. Whether you're a startup or established, whether you sell products or services, there's a version of QuickBooks for you.

QuickBooks offers Online, Pro, Premier, and Enterprise, and they want you to climb their product ladder.

Best Practices for Wholesale Order Management: QuickBooks Sales Orders

An efficient order management process in QuickBooks will make your life easier. If you are a wholesaler, manufacturer, importer, or distributor you can save time and money by developing a process that flows with QuickBooks instead of working against it. This means using sales orders. QuickBooks wants you to use sales orders for your wholesale customers (just click Home in QB and you'll see the QuickBooks sales process begins with a sales order).

Sales Portals for Wholesale Businesses: What to Look for

Whether you're the owner or the office manager of a small manufacturing or wholesale business, you personally know the frustrating daily challenge of trying to streamline processes across all your departments, not only to improve customer experiences, but also to help your devoted and diligent sales reps provide great service to their existing and new accounts. Without the use of an effective sales portal designed specifically for small wholesale businesses (with dreams of big B2B sales), this feat is hard to accomplish.

Order Management and QuickBooks — A Customer Portal Equals Customer Service

QuickBooks is a powerful piece of software, but, like all pieces of software, it has limits. This is nothing against QuickBooks — far from it. QuickBooks does what it does very well, it's designed to take care of very specific tasks, and it doesn't make the mistake that many pieces of software have made over the years by trying to be something it's not.

However, that does mean that most businesses who are using QuickBooks can find themselves in a bit of a bind.

Modernizing the Wholesale Sales Process: Avoid These 3 Out-of-Date Activities

Wholesale is a hard business to be in. There may not be manufacturing or consumers to deal with, but profit margins tend to be relatively thin, which means that even small mistakes can cause major problems. One of the biggest issues a business can run into is falling behind because of an old fashioned wholesale sales process. Technology moves quickly, everybody else is keeping up with it, so you have to too. Even the things that used to be cutting edge are now obsolete.

How To Grow Your Wholesale Brand Online

Online marketing is especially important for many small- and mid-sized wholesalers, since they typically do not have a physical storefront that attracts customers. There are many different strategies companies can use to attract customers virtually. Here are six ideas you can use to grow your company's online presence.

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