What to Look For in B2B Order Entry Software

integrate order entry softwareWhen it's time to upgrade your B2B order entry software, you'll find an array of features that can be confusing. Which ones are fluff and which ones are actually important to have? With B2B order entry software, you can offer both customers and sales reps online access to their account information which can really streamline the order process.

Here are a few features that are truly beneficial to B2B wholesalers and distributors:

Integration with QuickBooks Desktop

The point of integrating order entry software is to make your process easier, not add another layer of work. By choosing a system that syncs with QuickBooks Desktop, you avoid the need to re-enter your order information into your bookkeeping software. You also avoid the need to install another database and assorted back-end support systems.

Integration with QuickBooks also allows for the automatic updating of inventory levels, customer activity, prices and other important data points. This ensures that your back-end records don't fall behind even during busy periods.

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Interdepartmental Access

One of the biggest drawbacks of paper-based systems is that they require information to be physically transferred between departments. This causes delays in order fulfillment and customer service since such transfers don't always happen on a timely basis or could be lost entirely. With a good order entry system, you don't have to worry about such things. Order information is immediately available to all who have the proper clearance, so every department can see orders and their statuses right away even if they are not in the office.

Access to Non-Order Information

When a system integrates with QuickBooks, it can show authorized employees a wide variety of information from the QB database. This includes inventory levels, product descriptions, customer discounts and more. With this information, salespeople and customer service personnel can easily answer questions when people call in to ask them.

Online Access

The ability to log into an order management system is essential for field personnel. These salespeople need to answer questions during meetings with customers and prospects - without the delay that would be involved in calling the office. They also need to be able to take orders on the spot.

With old-fashioned methods, taking a customer's order meant calling in and waiting on hold. Worse, if the order was misheard, errors would occur and possibly cause the loss of the business. Directly typing the orders in prevents these problems and impresses the customers with your company's efficiency.

Online access isn't just for your staff. A good order management system will also provide customers with the ability to place their own orders. This is great for customers who like to shop quickly with no need to make a sales appointment. High-quality B2B order management systems allow each customer to have an account, customized order forms, special pricing, and preserve security by ensuring that customers only see what their account level allows.

Has Extra Features

One of the best extra features to look for is the ability to send orders to your warehouse electronically. Like the other features that eliminate the need for re-transcription of orders, this reduces the chance of errors, order loss, and unexpected delays.  As a bonus, you'll also have a record of which orders have already been sent for shipping and which ones still need attention.

These are some of the top things to look for when you're deciding on new software for your order entry system. When you get a solution that meets all of these requirements, you'll enjoy greater efficiency, fewer errors, and higher customer satisfaction. Your salespeople will also be able to close more sales when on the road thanks to their new ability to answer prospects' questions on the spot and take customers' orders the moment they agree to buy.

To learn more about order entry solutions, just contact us. We'll be glad to help you get started with a new, modern solution.

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