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Manage Customer Portal Access

Provide a sophisticated online sales experience. Customers can order online 24/7 with full access to custom pricing, inventory, and account history. Here are instructions for setting up your customers to use the Now Commerce Customer Portal.
Manage Customer Portal Access
Manage Customer Portal Access
1. Go to Customers > Customer Listing > select a customer > Manage this customer’s portal access.
2. Verify that you have a valid email address for the customer. The email field contains data from the customer’s record in QuickBooks. If the email displayed is not correct or blank, you can change it on this screen. Note: Changing the customer’s information on this screen will not change it on the customer’s record in QuickBooks. If you want to be more thorough, you could change the customer’s information in QuickBooks first and run the QuickBooks Web Connector. This will then display the new information on this screen.
3. Provide a message to the customer (optional).
4. Select the invitation send method. Choosing Send invitation to the email listed above will send a Now Commerce system-generated invitation to the email address listed in the email field. Choosing Send invitation to me and I’ll forward it will send the invitation to your email address. We suggest using Send invitation to me and I’ll forward it. This will allow you to copy/paste the invitation details into your own email message to the customer.
5. Click Submit.