Modernize Wholesale Orders with an Online Order Management System

modernize_order_management_systemTechnology has greatly advanced over the years. These advancements have been very beneficial to many aspects of a business. Along with allowing the business to save money and time, this new technology has also created a speedy way for businesses to fulfill orders.

Expediency and promptness are two of the most important factors that create a fantastic online order management system. When customers place an order, it is important to fill these orders as quickly as possible. However, when employees spend a great deal of time putting orders into a complicated system, a delay can occur in the process. Luckily, technology has advanced in such a way that allows for faster order processing and delivery.

What Slows Down the Process?

One of the most common ways that sales reps and customers send in orders is through email, phone or fax. This is a process that worked well in the past, but was mainly successful for businesses that made orders in large quantities. This process isn't nearly as streamlined for those with smaller orders.

After the sales rep or customer sent in an order, it would generally be up to the customer service reps to process orders correctly. However, when an order goes through this many hands, the entire process will slow down drastically. This will also require businesses to have more employees on staff just to process orders.

How to Improve the Process

After receiving an order, it is important that the processing system begins as quickly as possible. For this reason, it is crucial that businesses are able to streamline the ordering system. Today's technology has finally provided a way for the possibility of this reality.

One of the best options that businesses can choose is online order management software. This software eliminates the need for orders to travel through multiple hands. It also saves order processing time by eliminating double work.

In the past, sales reps would fill out an order form, which customer service reps would then use to enter the order into a program, such as QuickBooks. This meant that the information was entered twice before there was even an opportunity to begin processing it. Now, however, sales reps can enter the order directly into online order management software, which will automatically transfer it into QuickBooks. This will not only eliminate the need for a second employee to enter the order, but it can help streamline the process and get the order filled quicker.

More Benefits

While streamlining the order management process is an important benefit, there are even more benefits for businesses when choosing this type of product. For example, mistakes are easy to make when an order travels through many channels. Entering the order in multiple locations makes it easier to enter things incorrectly. This can easily effect the accuracy of the order.

However, by integrating an online order management system, businesses are able to greatly improve the accuracy of the orders during the delivery process. Since it is only necessary to enter orders once, it will be less likely that an error will occur during the order processing time.

Another benefit of these types of systems is that they will allow for faster delivery. Software integration is a major portion of an online order management system, meaning that the fulfillment process can begin much faster. This is because businesses are now able to avoid the processing delay that the manual process of entering orders creates.

It is quickly becoming apparent that online order management software is becoming the best way for businesses to streamline their order process. This is the best way to ensure that the company stays profitable in the future and that sales continue to grow. Plus, this is an option that is not only great for large companies, but it can greatly benefit small businesses too.Save time and money