Online Order Management: Finding More Efficient Order Import Methods During Busy Times

More Efficient Order Management MethodsTrying to achieve superior online order management might feel like it's impossible when demands keep increasing. You shouldn't fret if your B2B company is in this predicament, because you're not alone. Software solutions are available, and they work on multiple levels.

One of the biggest headaches is order import. Getting ordering information from one place to another is quite burdensome when you're still relying on paper-based systems. Even if you have other digital means for transferring ordering information, you may not have any integrated way of managing it properly, and you end up re-keying orders just like the paper-based systems.

It's important to try to eliminate manual data entry as much as you can in your B2B company. Statistics continually show entering data manually leads to costly mistakes. When you start receiving hundreds of orders in just one day, you should never subject someone to entering this data through keystrokes. Errors simply become inevitable.

What are the benefits of having more efficient importing for online order management? Take a look at what you can do if you're using QuickBooks.

Orders Placed in QuickBooks

Having order management software with easy QuickBooks integration is essential so you don't have slowdowns. Software with automated processes help you get orders delivered in real-time to your QuickBooks company file without needing data entry operators.

As great as QuickBooks is, it had its origins back in the day when manual entry was still the norm. It's still designed for manual entries, though you see far fewer companies do this. Automated technology is more prevalent now, which makes sending and sharing order information all the easier. And QuickBooks has matured from manual entry, to an IIF file import process, to a programmable framework for direct software communications.

When you create online portals for your business customers, order entries can get created in QuickBooks automatically. Rather than having to enter orders in separate databases, everything goes in one place where employees and customers can access it.

Organizing Order Information

Maybe you have software that easily imports order information, yet how well does it organize the data? How well it's organized matters as much as the import process.

The best order management software helps you process all orders coming in throughout the day. It eliminates having to manually file paper order forms, which inevitably leads to one or more being misplaced.

Creating batches is just as vital, and software enabling this helps you efficiently check orders at the end of the day.

Importing Orders

Moving order files from one place to another digitally needs just as much focus. You want to have the ability to import orders as invoices, sales orders, or sales receipts. This allows you to process orders based on business needs instead of software capabilities.

No more will you have to set aside time to work individually on creating paper invoices and receipts. At this stage of growth, no doubt you have little room left in your office for file cabinets.

Working with a Shopping Cart

If you've using a shopping cart to represent your brand, you'll need software integration so orders go directly into QuickBooks and get processed the same as all your other orders. Having all your orders go through one place ensures that you don’t miss anything. It also keeps you from having multiple processes and inefficiencies leading to backlogs and slowdowns.

Handling High-Volume Orders

It's possible your B2B business received some publicity in the media, and now you've received an onslaught of orders in 24 hours. Does your current software give you ways to scale so you can handle high-volume orders?

With the right software, it can without unexpectedly melting down due to the demand. You want software where hundreds of orders get processed and entered in minutes rather than hours.

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