Order Entry Software: 3 Ways to Free up Valuable Time in your Wholesale Business

order-entry-software-1Running a small business with minimal staff is particularly challenging when things get really busy. Identifying pieces of your process that can be automated will save time and help you get through those peak times. Your staff doesn’t want to skip lunch or stay late, and you don’t want to miss deadlines. Order entry software in the form of rep and customer portals can be a huge help.

Reduce Customer Service Inquiries

Wholesale customers and outside reps can answer most of their own customer service inquiries with a portal that syncs with your accounting software. How many of these questions does your team answer every day?

  • What is my price?
  • Do you have it in stock?
  • Do you make it in green?
  • Did you get my order?
  • When is my order going to ship?
  • What is my tracking number
  • Can you send me a copy of an invoice?
  • How much do I owe you?
  • Did you get my payment?
  • Did you process my return?

A portal that syncs with QuickBooks will answer all of these questions 24/7 without any help from your team. Reducing the number of calls and emails from reps and customers will help your staff meet deadlines and get through busy times with less stress and overtime.

Give your Reps and Customers a Safe Way to Do Their Own Order Entry

A sales portal that syncs with QuickBooks will allow your reps and B2B customers to enter their own orders, and these orders will be created in QuickBooks automatically. Good portals have lots of options and control points so that you can choose when and how these orders are created so you are always in complete control. Eliminating order entry will save your employees time.

Reduce Crazy Orders that Require Time to Figure Out

Do your reps and customers ever send you orders that don’t make any sense? An order entry portal lets them order only what you choose to offer on the order form, and it shows them the customer’s specific prices. It is much more efficient for your staff to review orders that were placed online rather than to try to make sense of crazy orders that were phoned, faxed, or emailed in.

The Now Commerce Rep and Customer Portals do not replace replace the intelligent human being that knows your products and reps and customers, but it will set that person free to do more important stuff like eat a proper lunch or pick up their kids on time.

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