Is Your Order Management Software Meeting Customers' Expectations?

customer experienceSmall and medium-sized businesses, especially, are asking this question for good reason. Trying to keep up with the rapidly advancing technology fueling modern business isn't easy. Most businesses simply don't have the resources to do it (or so they think), because their resources are mostly used in the production and distribution of the products they offer. The good news is: integrating simple add-on order management software to your QuickBooks Desktop will vastly improve your business and exceed your customers' expectations.

Customers' Expectations are Higher than Ever

Maybe it seems a bit unfair that customers are expecting so much, but with the advent of mobile technology and cloud-based software solutions: customers are getting used to simple. Simple and easy ordering systems from mega companies are setting the standards high. Just take for example how easy it is to order from Amazon or Walmart.

B2B customers are also being conditioned to expect more from the companies they order from. Their growing customer expectations are pushing them to evolve with more streamlined integrated systems as well. This means, B2B partners could very well choose a lesser quality product, simply because they offer a more advanced order management system.

So basically, customers are expecting more often times out of necessity, but also out of convenience and desire.

Do You Have to Revamp Everything to Keep Up?

Thankfully, the answer is no. Your customers are with you for a reason, therefor they don't expect your smaller company to be like Amazon. In fact, the personal attention your smaller company gives them is a large selling point, as well as the unique products you offer. So, by simply offering the important features they need (to streamline the overall ordering process), your company can ensure their loyalty for the long-term.

By using turnkey add-on order management software for QuickBooks Desktop, smaller businesses can meet their customers' growing expectations. This means smaller businesses can upgrade their systems without having to devote a massive amount of time and money to the process. Customers can get the features they need and want, and your business can grow with an added overall efficiency.

What Exactly Does Smaller Businesses Need in Their Order Management Software?

Listening to what smaller businesses need, we find there are some common problems they need solved.

Here are ten desired improvements they generally seek:

# 1: Easy Integration with QuickBooks Desktop

# 2: Giving Customers and Sales Reps Easy Access to Placing Orders

# 3: Access to Order History and Shipping Information

# 4: Enhanced Order Processing for Faster Shipping Times

# 5: Reduction in Order Entry Errors

# 6: Real-time Inventory Availability

# 7: Fewer Customer Inquiries to Free Up Internal Employees

# 8: The Look and Feel of a Large Company

# 9: Eliminating Data Entry Work

#10: Enhanced Internal Employee Productivity

Meeting Your Customers' High Expectations is Easier than Ever

Smaller businesses don't have to become like Amazon to stay afloat in today's rapidly advancing technological business world. The old saying of working smarter and not harder is applicable here. The ten features listed above can be attained at a very affordable cost, and considering the time savings and increased sales productivity: businesses will actually make more money than the costs involved.

Although technology may be changing, this doesn't mean the core principles have changed with business in general. Smaller businesses have a distinct advantage over large companies, and loyal customers aren't expecting the impossible. By simply offering B2B and other customers an enhanced method of ordering, smaller businesses can keep up and exceed their customers' expectations.

On top of meeting customer expectations, an enhanced order management software SaaS solution will give your sales reps more efficient methods to do what they do best. In the end, sales will increase, business processes will be easier to manage, and your smaller business can pay more attention to what it does best: creating great products.

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