An Order Management System to Help Your Fulfillment Centers

order management for fulfillment centerHaving an order management system that accelerates shipping of your products is imperative if you want to keep a loyal business customer base. In today's fast-paced world, B2B customers expect to get products as fast as possible to keep up with their own customer demands. They also want to be able to order easily, when they want, and be able to access their accounts to see when something ships or when an items in stock.

This can't work well without having proper communication with your fulfillment center. The warehouse you work with can easily have crossed wires without having recurring communication to catch mistakes.

Far too many businesses get complacent to the idea their fulfillment center can run on automatic pilot. It's easy to assume they'll keep operating things efficiently without having a pipeline of data to help them do their jobs easier.

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The Problem Dealing with Multiple Locations

Working with multiple fulfillment centers is already challenging since keeping communication going with one takes enough time. However, you may have no choice in your B2B business because you need to serve various regions around the country.

Some of your fulfillment centers are probably on opposite ends of the country, making in-person visits and recurring phone communications impossible. But you don't have to do this with order management software helping you communicate directly through sharing features and automated systems.

Regardless, you may have extra concern about how your software integrates with the shipping systems your warehouses have in place.

Do you own an efficient order management system to make this happen?

Here's some features to look for that help create two-way integration with your warehouse, especially if you have multiple warehouse locations.

QuickBooks Automation

There isn't any question that QuickBooks continues to lead the way for companies managing their orders and invoices.  For years, though, it required manual entries that didn't get easily sent to the warehouse without re-keying the orders.

Using a quality order management system, all order details are automatically entered into QuickBooks without having to worry about human error. Through a two-way integration with your warehouse, all information gets automatically sent to them through their existing shipping system.

Automation and integration are the true keys to helping online communication without needing to send emails or make phone calls for clarifications.

Information on Shipping Dates

Your fulfillment center needs immediate access to shipping dates so they know exactly when your products go out. Through automated systems, it's impossible to create discrepancies to assure your products go out on the date promised to your business customers.

All it takes is one mistake in shipping data to make a product arrive late and remove all trust in your B2B business.

Proper Information on Quantities

Not communicating with your fulfillment center about your inventory can lead to quantity errors that affect timely deliveries. Your warehouse gets this information automatically as well so they'll know exactly how many units are available to match your records.

The last thing a business customer wants is finding out they can't get a product because you're out of stock.

Shipping Costs and Tracking Numbers

Transparency is essential between you and your warehouses to maintain proper work flow. Shipping costs get automatically sent to them with the right order system so they don't charge customers more than you intended.

They'll also get tracking numbers sent to them to pass on to your customers who depend on this data to follow when packages arrive.

All told, proper coordination with your warehouses creates a domino effect that affects business client relationships.

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