Pair Order Entry Software with QuickBooks and Reap the Benefits

Spin_CircleWhether you are a wholesaler, distributor or manufacturer, proper application of data is essential to your company running efficiently. When you have a great product generating lots of orders and combine it with QuickBooks you have a winning collaboration that will increase your company’s profits and productivity. Here are a few reasons why pairing order entry software integrated with QuickBooks is beneficial to your business.

QuickBooks for Business

Regardless of the nature of your business, maintaining accurate books is essential. You want to make money but not have to worry about the hassle of constantly reentering data. There is nothing more time-consuming than having to keep track of account information in separate spreadsheets and emails. Using the accounting software organizes all the information while keeping track of your current cash flow. You’ll still have plenty on your plate to contend with but managing your accounts isn’t one of them. With QuickBooks, keeping track of every day bookkeeping functions, makes it easier to run your business.

• As an owner, you understand that there are numerous challenges to deal with, especially keeping track of where you stand financially. With QuickBooks, when used properly, you are able to generate the necessary reports to access all the information you need when you need.

• With a variety of ready-to-use templates you can customize QuickBooks to fit your company’s invoice, spreadsheets, and business chart needs. Check signing is also no longer a hassle if you have a large quantity of checks to sign.

• Since growth depends on customer sales and profitability, pairing QuickBooks with order entry software will streamline your order process and continue to increase business profitability.

Putting Control in the Customer’s Hand

Human error is one of the leading causes of valuable time being wasted. A great time-saving solution is giving customers the power to place their own orders online. Since most customers tend to order the same product and know exactly what they need, giving a customer a customized order form, allows them to enter their orders quickly saving them and you time and minimizes the need for correction. QuickBooks, paired with order software, will also update available inventory so the customer can easily see what is available.  Customers are also able to check their current shipment and tracking information, invoices, product information, pricing and discounts. 

A Great Tool for Sales Reps

A good sales rep identifies future prospects and listens to the customer using his/her expertise to suggest the best product for the client. When the customer and rep establish a solid relationship it builds a foundation of trust allowing the rep to give the best service to the customer. The ability for the rep to quickly and easily answer their customer’s questions using order entry software, from any location provides fast and accurate service.  No more calling into the office and waiting for answers.  The sales rep is able to answer questions in regards to inventory available, past purchases, tracking information for current orders, a customer’s prices or discounts available to them.  When a price changes, you can easily alert your sales rep.    

So, What’s Included in Order Entry Software?

Here are few of the things included:

• Product information (descriptions, attributes, locations and pictures)

• View real time inventory levels

• Customized order forms for each customer

• Reporting on top products, sales reps, customers plus more

• Orders transfer automatically to QuickBooks

• View complete order histories

• Check shipping status and track orders

Order entry software integrated with QuickBooks is capable of satisfying customer demand and future growth. Whether you’re a distributor, wholesaler or manufacturer this is the perfect combination essential to saving you money, time and increased productivity.

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