Process Orders Right in the Field with Sales Order Software

sales order softwareSales representatives are always looking for ways to make it easier to convince people to buy. They're interested in anything that will make the process more efficient, increase order sizes, and reduce the number of fruitless encounters. Because of this, it's typical for a salesperson to have read several books on the art, added technological aids like smartphones and tablets, and to have learned all about the products they're selling.

Salespeople's jobs are made much easier when the company helps them in reaching their goals. They know this, so they'll be eager to adopt new technology like sales order software as long as that software is able to provide true benefits to them.

Here are some of the things that reps will be looking for in such offerings:

Ease of Use

Sales order software must be easy to figure out and use. If it isn't, salespeople will find that it's easier to just use the old-fashioned methods and bypass the technology. Therefore, the first requirement for software should be an intuitive, efficient user interface.

Quick Access to Info

Your sales team will need to quickly access a variety of key pieces of information while on the job. This allows them to answer questions asked by prospects and customers. Some of these data points include stock availability, lead times, prices, and shipping information. Customers will also need to know things like how much credit they have left and the status of their prior orders. Good sales rep software will allow representatives to pull up all of this information with just a few clicks.


It's good to be able to access information, but it's just as important to be able to enter new data into the system. The software needs to be able to accept orders, updated customer information, and new customer information on the fly. This allows sales reps to close orders right on the spot - while the customers are still "hot" and ready to buy.


The days of field agents calling into the main office to relay new customer orders are coming to an end, and for good reason. Calling in requires sitting on hold, increases the chance of errors, and annoys customers who are stuck listening to reps talking on the phone. With modern sales rep software, it's easy to bypass all of these problems. As long as a Wi-Fi connection is available, your representative can log in from any laptop, tablet, or smartphone.  Then, the rep can simply type in all of the relevant data. Orders that once took 15-30 minutes to complete can be entered in a minute or two. Even better, there is less chance for error since there are fewer people in the chain of information. This will please customers from two angles and thereby increase the chance of repeat orders.

How it Works

Now Commerce sales rep software is able to do all of these things by integrating with your existing QuickBooks accounting software. This integration means that the information your sales team sees is always up to date.  When sales reps enter orders into their sales rep portal it automatically gets uploaded into your master QuickBooks database. Because of this, you never have to worry about syncing data sets or losing information coming in from the field. As soon as the information is entered once, it transmits to everyone who needs to know.

You also don't have to worry about dealing with extensive programming when you implement solutions of this nature. Since Now Commerce is made specifically for QuickBooks it takes no time at all to get started.  Contact us for a short demo. We'll be glad to help you move your sales force into the modern age.

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