Sales Rep Software: Best Practices

shutterstock_171828209Independent sales reps can be a great way for manufacturers and distributors to generate new sales, open new territories, and get instant access to new customers. Hiring new sales employees can be out of reach for small businesses, but independent reps and rep groups need only to be paid commissions on the sales they make. These independent reps need tools to be effective, and online rep software that integrates with your QuickBooks will give your new reps the latest info on new products, pricing, inventory, etc.  Sales reps can also inundate your inside office staff with data entry and questions regarding order status and tracking information.  One of the best ways to get the most from your new reps and keep your office running smoothly is to use sales rep software.

The Right Fit

You want to find the right type of software that fits your business.  First, you will need to make sure it syncs with QuickBooks.  Next you will want to ensure that your software has the ability to let reps efficiently enter new orders so that your inside team won’t need to do additional data entry or decipher emailed orders. Reps should also be able to use your rep portal to see real time inventory status, pricing, tracking information, and customer information so that they can do their own customer service. Allowing sales reps access to the system from anywhere gives them great flexibility, especially when they are on the road meeting with customers, so make sure your sales rep software is web based.

Set Up for Success

If your products and pricing change frequently, sales rep software can make it so that you don’t have to distribute updated price lists to your sales team anymore. As long as your QuickBooks or other accounting software system is up to date, your sales software will be too.  When a sales rep places a customer order, rest assured they will have the correct product and price.  Special customer pricing will no longer be an issue and any negotiated discounts will be automatically displayed. 

Empower Your Reps

Implementing this software gives your sales reps all that they need to manage their customer base with confidence.  They can quickly and efficiently answer questions so they never have to say, “I’ll get back to you”.  Reps will be able to enter customer orders right from a meeting, which will go directly into QuickBooks. They can also answer questions on customer pricing or discounts, share shipment information, as well as have instant access to order history and real time inventory. 

Wow Your Customers

While you want to keep your inside and outside staff happy, the biggest gain will be providing your customers with the best service

You are able to eliminate lost orders, improve order accuracy and speed up the entire order fulfillment and customer service process.  Without having to rekey orders once the order gets to the office, orders have a better chance at being accurate.  With up to date inventory status, shipments can be shipped in full. 

Get the most out of your independent reps by giving them the tools they need to succeed. Sales rep software will also keep your employees productive and your customers happy. If you have questions on how sales rep software can help your business please give us a call or schedule a demoorder management system