Ready for a change? Upgrade with a B2B Online Order Management System

upgrade to order management softwareFor many wholesalers, the process of managing orders is still handled entirely offline. This is, in part, due to a misconception that online order handling is only for B2C companies. In reality, there are now online order management systems made especially for wholesalers and other B2B distributors. These take care of all of the issues that are unique to the B2B industry and make it easy to modernize operations.

Here are some of the things this sort of order management software can handle that aren't usually covered by standard online shopping carts:

Multiple Pricing Tiers

Many distributors have different prices for specific customers or customer classes. For example, a small company may get a 20 percent discount off of what the retail price would be, while a large one might get 30 percent off. Standard shopping cart software can't show different prices to different customers, so it isn't suitable for these situations. B2B order management software, on the other hand, can easily show each customer its designated price with a secure log in just for them.

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Online Order-Taking Capability

There's no need to limit customers to offline ordering methods when you can give them their own order form online. Your customers will be able to order at any time, 24/7/365, when you give them online accounts. This is great for customers that don't want to have to wait on hold or talk to a rep in person just to make their standard orders. If you add sufficient description information, they'll even be able to decide on new products to buy right online.

An Excellent Customer-Facing Online Interface

Buyers have become used to B2C e-commerce interfaces from their personal lives, and now expect the same polished appearance and ease of use in sites run by wholesalers. Good software will provide those qualities and make it easy and pleasant for wholesale customers to place online orders and answer their own questions about past shipments or account balances.

Integration with Offline Order-Taking Systems

Despite the rise of the internet, many B2B customers prefer to call in orders or talk directly to sales reps.  Online order management software makes it easy to handle these old-line order channels. Phone reps need only enter the orders into the computerized system to get them into the fulfillment queue. Only entering them into one system reduces risk of error as well.

Online software is even better for field reps. Instead of having to call the office and hold on the phone as an impatient customer sits silently waiting for the transaction to complete, the reps can just get out their mobile devices and type the orders in. With the right software, they can keep a customer informed about inventory availability, tracking information on current orders and discounts.

Multi-Department Accessibility

Some companies send orders through multiple areas or departments before final completion. For example, an order may need to go through the credit department for approval, then go through at least one section of the warehouse for picking and packing, and finally go to the shipping department to get its paid shipping label. Without a computerized system, this involves passing papers from one place to the next at each stage. These papers can get lost along the way, resulting in delays and frustration for the customer and frantic searching by your staff.

With a computerized management system, there is no need for this paper shuffling. Instead, orders can be easily accessed by all departments from a single database. With no papers to lose, it'll be easy to see exactly where an order is within your fulfillment process.

These are just some of the ways an online order management system will benefit your company. Just give us a call to increase your sales and streamline your business processes.

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