Simplify Your Life with Order Management Software

Dollarphotoclub_64982978_2A goal that many new business owners have is getting in a position where they are overwhelmed by orders. It means their business is a success, and that they'll be able to grow quickly. What they don't always think about is the importance of being able to keep track of all those orders to ensure all those customers keep coming back.

Organize the Chaos

Often in the early stages of a business, orders are able to be kept track of through a spreadsheet.  As the order volume grows, however, this method can quickly become too much to handle, resulting in orders being processed incorrectly, billing for incorrect amounts, or orders even being completely lost or forgotten about.

All of these can quickly turn a happy customer into a former customer, so finding a solution to keep orders organized is absolutely paramount to continued success and growth.

By using order management software, you can be sure that all orders are kept track of in an organized way, allowing processing, fulfillment, payment, and delivery to all work seamlessly together to get your product to the customer and the customers' payment into your bank

It works by streamlining the process of a spreadsheet, and integrates with QuickBooks, which allow orders to be placed and tracked more effectively throughout the process. This helps you ensure that your customers are getting the service they expect from a quality company, while saving you time, money, and headaches.

You can also allow both your sales reps and customers access to this system as well.  They’ll be able to place their own orders, look up pricing and see if their orders have shipped without bothering anyone in your office. 

Save Time

By streamlining your order management, you're saving yourself time by eliminating the time sinks that less sophisticated management systems offer. Instead of hunting through a spreadsheet, for instance, finding the order you're looking for is as simple as entering a couple of words or numbers in a search box.

You can also do away with having to comb through open orders to see what ones need attention, as management software helps different departments stay on top of the process from beginning to end, never leaving time for an order to get misplaced or forgotten. That not only saves you, your sales reps and customers time entering orders, but can help minimize the turnaround time from order placed to order delivered.

Save Money

Even when a business is thriving, smaller businesses in particular need to find ways to pinch pennies whenever they can. By improving the way your company tracks orders, you're removing many costly time sinks that searching through other methods causes, as well as helping streamline the process and reduce the amount of hours it takes your fulfillment team to build the order and get it out to the customer.

Moreover, you're helping your business become more efficient, which provides a better image to your customers. This can help you land repeat business, as well as get new customers from referrals, ensuring your business not only organizes itself better in its current state, but also that it continues to grow into an even larger, more profitable business in the future.

These systems are simple to use, with minimal training needed, which will help your bottom line, your stress level, as well as helping you make sure that your customers receive their order as satisfied as possible.

Helping your customers see how efficient a business you are is simply immeasurable, and order management software can help you demonstrate to your customers that they were right in choosing you, and help convince them to return to get that same great service again and again. Order Management System