Simplifying B2B E-Commerce: Untangle the Web of Buying Confusion

B2B e-commerce simplified

It’s a new year, and perhaps you're on a quest toward simplifying your B2B e-commerce site to increase sales, satisfy customers and still have time to check things off your ever-growing to do list.  Without B2B order software, processing orders can be complicated.  Take a cue from B2C websites and improve your B2B e-commerce site in 2016.  If the B2C world finally mastered e-commerce, the B2B world can too.

Customers want the ease and quickness of ordering products in their B2B life as they do in their B2C one.  They want an easy user interface and information at their fingertips.  They want to do what they do, anytime of day, from anywhere, and they don’t want to wait.

It's time to look at ways you can improve things with the right B2B order software using a customer portal. Give your customers the below features and you will be well on your way to B2B e-commerce success.

Freedom to Place Orders

One of the biggest frustrations of the old B2B buying process was buyers not having the freedom to place orders when they wanted to. They had to wait for sales reps to call on them or send in tedious order forms to the office.  Just as bad was that a lot of B2B e-commerce sites were overly cumbersome so buying even just one thing became a chore.

We all know B2C e-commerce managed to perfect this by providing quick purchasing methods. With better B2B order software, you can speed up the process for buyers by providing them the ability to order whenever they want.

Providing a customer portal that gives buyer’s access to their own customized order forms will ensure you get orders quickly and with less errors.  Provide a form that also shows the buyer their previous orders so they can place orders with minimal effort.

Check the Price of Products       

Price changes are inevitable, but if you don't reflect the changes when a customer buys from you, it can lead to frustrating results. Having the ability to change prices and discounts instantly keeps everyone up to date and informed.  Your customers always know what price they are paying as they place their order.

Even better, a customer with access to their information, doesn’t have to call and check on pricing prior to ordering which frees up everyone’s time and gets the order in the system faster.

Check Inventory

There isn't any worse experience for a buyer than realizing they can't get an item they need or ordering an item and finding out it didn’t ship.

When you give those buyers a customer portal, you give them the power to check on what's available and what isn't. This way, you won't have the pressure of having to manually list what suddenly went out of stock. And by sharing out of stock information online, you bypass a customers need to call you.

Find Details about an Order and Shipment

Customers always need to know where an order is in the shipping process and all the shipping details once it’s out the door.  Don’t leave your buyers second-guessing.  Provide them with shipping notifications and also access to their order information.  Let them look up what they’ve ordered and when it will arrive.

We can provide the B2B order software you need to bring your B2B e-commerce site up to its fullest potential.  Visit us at Now Commerce to find out more.

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