The Anatomy of a Great Order Management System

order_management_systemA good order system will automate some data entry, manage inventory, and stay up-to-date with real-time statistics on customer orders, products, and sales reports. A great order management system goes further.

  • Integrates with Existing Software

If you are a QuickBooks user, a great system will take your QuickBooks data and take over much of the manual data entry chores. It will keep your books updated when new orders come in, or inventory is refreshed. You shouldn’t have to purchase and learn technically challenging new software.   A great order management system will be simple to implement and intuitive to use.

  • Automated Inventory Management

When inventory is updated, that information should be automatically available to sales reps and customers. A great system will allow customization in how that inventory is shown from simple out of stock messages to specific inventory amounts and dates of when it will be back in stock. Product images should be easy to add to make inventory lists more useful and relevant.

  • Sales Reps Questions Answered

A great system will all but eliminate the need for sales reps to phone or email the home office. Customer info is kept updated, inventory changes are automatically noted, product descriptions and prices are kept up-to-date, and overview and detailed information can easily be obtained. The great system has excellent search capabilities, so finding answers to questions is easy. The system should be available 24/7, so sales reps have instant access whenever they need it and not dependent on office hours. 

  • Answers Customer Questions

Customers shouldn’t be tied down by your office hours either. The search capabilities need to apply for customers, so they can find information on their own, at any time. They should be able to enter orders whenever they need to, not on your schedule. Those orders should be automatically created in QuickBooks without any manual data entry on your part. Customers should be easily able to add or remove access to their account for their staff to order or manage. A great system provides excellent customer support.

  • Customizable

A good system provides solutions. A great system allows you to add features and abilities that make those solutions easier to obtain, use, and display. Pricing, for example, should be flexible to allow pricing levels, discounts, and special customer offers. On an order form, category creation should be easy, sortable, and allow import/export from programs like Excel.

  • A Great System Respects Privacy

Policies should be in place to ensure information is kept safe and secure. Customers should only have access to their company information. Sales reps should only have access to their accounts. Steps should be in place to ensure only authorized individuals are able to log into an account.

Now Commerce Is Your Solution

The order management system that Now Commerce provides does all of the above and more. It’s an easy to use, full featured system, which allows you to take the next step in your company’s growth. It saves you time and money. Once you start using it, if you do have questions, support is unlimited and free. Is it a great order management system? Ask for a free demo and see for yourself!Getting Started with Now Commerce Portals