Tired of Costly Errors? Gain Efficiency with Order Entry Software

gain efficiency with order entry softwareHaving quality order entry software was once a rarity, and it perhaps explains why manual entry was always so prevalent. Even today, it's not always possible to find good order management software, perhaps due to software companies sticking to traditional methods.

In reality, many B2B companies are hankering for software that makes order entry easier. Your own company may still have a procedure where orders get entered manually, either in QuickBooks, or even by hand. It might sound impossible that a company would register orders on paper, though it's not entirely archaic.

Entering information into QuickBooks is more efficient, yet can become overwhelming if you get an onslaught of orders. Would you be able to handle that if you suddenly had a tidal wave of orders from new business customers all in one day?

When you have just one person (or a small team) entering manual order information, errors become inevitable. As noted by many experts, order errors can bring high costs to the B2B industry due to buyers returning products. It can also lead to lost customers if mistakes keep happening too often.

So how can this be solved? With better software and more attention to where you're making errors, you can find a fast solution.

Errors in Typing Addresses

When you have to manually enter information on buyers into a database, details like addresses can easily get misread. Business addresses are sometimes complex, and a misspelling of a street name could end up sending the package somewhere else.

The same goes with zip code numbers or address numbers. Just one wrong number can send the package to a completely different region within a city. While you can hope the wrong recipient sends it back to you or the right address, there isn't always any guarantee.

After several of these mistakes, customers can grow very frustrated and wonder why you can't get your act together. Fortunately, when using QuickBooks with order entry software, all customer addresses are pulled in automatically from QuickBooks, making errors nonexistent.

Errors in SKU's

No matter if you think you have your stock keeping units well-organized, having to enter those manually can result in the same situation above. Anything that has a series of letters and numbers can easily get misread by data entry employees. Particularly when they're under pressure to get orders out, one character could get entered wrong.

As a result, this could end up sending the wrong order to a business that requires them to return the package costing your company money and your customer's patience.

Again, syncing between order entry software and QuickBooks, will keep orders from having to be manually entered into QuickBooks.  Once the order is entered once, it can then be sent directly to your fulfillment center keeping the integrity of the data safe and the order shipped properly.

Errors in Ordering Stock

As you enter information to order new inventory, another manual entry error could end up having the wrong items sent to you. Or, it could lead to a shipment request not occurring at all and becoming under-stocked.

When a buyer places an order, you wouldn't be able to fulfill the order because you suddenly have to wait for inventory to arrive. With these delays, customers may move on to a competitor to get their product quickly rather than wait.

Order entry software with online portals can connect everybody so there isn't confusion.  It means providing easily accessible portals for customers, your sales team, and the fulfillment center that shows them real time inventory.  With the right information, better decisions can be made.

Eliminating Having to Fix Mistakes

Once you get everyone coordinated with your order entry software, you can get back to selling rather than facing downtime having to fix errors which are costly and time consuming.

Through Now Commerce, we've created the right order management software that finally eliminates the above error risks.

Visit our website to find out more so you can finally end the era of manual data entry.

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