What Wholesale Order Management Software Gives Businesses' Sales Reps

wholesale order management softwareCreating streamlined and efficient ways for B2B customers to order direct is great, but what about the sales reps facilitating these orders? Businesses such as wholesalers, manufacturers, and distributors – need to consider if their sales teams have the tools needed to meet their customers' expectations.

Let's talk about what wholesale order management software gives businesses' sales reps.

Remote Sales Reps

While automated inbound sales and innovative marketing methods are a growing trend, many businesses still have outside sales reps finding new customers and serving older ones. Trade shows, service calls, training, conventions, festivals, and personal visits to key clients – are all examples of outside sales reps working for manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors.

A business could also have remote sales reps based in another part of the country or world. The variables are extensive, but in general the traveling salesperson needs the ability to order efficiently. The customers these remote sales reps are catering to, are expecting them to have a certain level of ordering ability. Not meeting these expectations can mean the loss of a customer, and even the loss of a sales rep.

Inside Sales Reps

Wholesalers, manufacturers, and distributors generally focus on B2B customers, yet because of advancing technologies, some are catering direct-to-consumer (DTC) as well. Either way, inside sales reps are still part of their operations in some form. This is generally in the form of a contact/call center, and even a walk-in area.

These inside sales reps have to be ready to facilitate large and small customer orders with ease. They need to have easy accessibility and accurate data on inventory availability and prices in real-time, as well as integrated information on shipping and delivery operations through the warehouse. Not having the information they need about the specific items customers are inquiring about or ordering, may result in the loss of a customer.

What Inside and Outside Sales Reps Need

In the not so distant past, customers were willing to be patient while sales reps investigated how many items were available, or if they had this or that color in their inventory. A sales rep may have placed them on hold, then called the warehouse manager to inquire about the item in question. The problem today for companies still doing business in these old-fashioned ways, is the competition is able to tell the same customer all the information they need instantly.

The competition is able to meet their customers' growing expectations with advanced wholesale order management software. We're not talking a major undertaking here, just simple solutions like a SaaS add-on to their existing QuickBooks Desktop software.

What this type of enhanced wholesale order management software gives outside and inside sales reps, includes the ability to:

  • View real-time inventory and pricing
  • Check shipping status
  • View pending orders
  • View account history
  • Manage pricing and discounts
  • Create granular reports
  • Place customer orders

So, if a customer does call, email, or otherwise doesn't order through their own customer portal (available through this same SaaS add-on), then the sales rep can efficiently serve them in every capacity they need.

Outside and inside sales reps will have the tools they need 24/7, anywhere they're at, and using any mobile or computer device.


Sales reps are a vital part of the success of wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers – even in the automated ecommerce business world today. By giving them the simple tools they need to meet customers' expectations, more sales will be achieved and more sales reps will be retained. Not a bad combination, considering how simple and affordable SaaS add-on with two-way integration with QuickBooks Desktop, really is.

What enhanced wholesale order management software gives businesses' sales reps, is a way to keep up with their customers' expectations in a rapidly advancing modern business world. B2B customers are under pressure to streamline processes as well, and more DTC sales are being facilitated as well. While the ordering systems need to be upgraded, affordable options are available; providing effective and professional results.

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