7 Advantages of Order Processing Software

time_is_moneyOrder processing software is a software system designed specifically to save businesses time in a significant part of the sales process: the order process. With proper online order software, your business can enjoy the following 7 benefits and use them to boost both profits and customer service. 

  1. Save Time Processing Orders 

One of the most time consuming issues sales people and customers face is the vast amount of paperwork necessary to close a sale and ensure the best customer service. With an online order processing system, set up your customers and sales people with their own automatic order form. This prevents the continual reentry of automatic information (contact info) and the need for entering information into multiple areas for your QuickBooks software and your warehouse management system. 

  1. Increase Customer Service

Since the order processing software is tied to QuickBooks, the sales rep has instant access to all important customer account information.  They do not have to make phone calls to office staff when on a sales call. Rather than spending time navigating the labyrinth of paperwork, your sales team can focus on providing best quality of service to your customers with all the information regarding their account at the sales rep's fingertips online. 

  1. Create a Sense of Ownership for Customers

Always having to call a sales rep or customer service center for basic questions and ordering can take up valuable time with everyone involved. Your customers want to know what is happening with their order right now, or want to make changes to the order without having to jump through an insane amount of hoops. With their own order processing portal customers can check on the status of their orders, place their own orders, look up inventory, and be informed about the status of their account without calling customer service or a sales rep, giving customers control over their own accounts.

  1. Reduce Accounting Costs

Data entry takes time. In the case of employees, time is literally money. It costs money for someone to manually transfer information from sales sheets and order forms into QuickBooks and your warehouse management software. Automatic integration between quality order processing software and your QuickBooks account reduces the time necessary for manual entry and also reduces the need for management controls to check the manual data entry. 

  1. Increase Data Control

As the old saying goes, to err is human. When you have employees manually entering information into QuickBooks, mistakes will happen. When you have sales reps manually entering and holding order forms until they hand them in to the office, mistakes will happen. When customers expect one thing, but cannot review their order until the information has been transferred from the sales rep into the accounting system, misunderstandings will happen. All of these are moments where you lose control of your data. With automatic integration between order processing software and your business accounting and warehouse management systems, you significantly reduce the opportunity for data errors, data loss and data security breaches because the data passes through fewer hands. With a customer portal for tracking and reviewing orders online, you reduce the opportunity for misunderstandings between you and your customers. 

  1. Faster Shipping

A good order processing system will give you the ability to easily send orders straight to your warehouse without needing to rekey the order.  With this ability you are able to reduce errors, decrease warehouse costs and increase order to ship time.  Customers and sales reps are also able to see shipping confirmations and tracking info in real time. 

  1. Place Orders From Anywhere

Online order software gives you the opportunity to process orders from anywhere on the globe. With order processing online, your location is limited only to your product shipping area and to costs customers are willing to pay to receive your product in their location. 

As these 7 benefits show, an order processing software system gives wholesalers, manufacturers and distributors the ability to cut costs while increasing quality and customer service. For both you and your customers, this is a win-win. order management system