Increase Customer Engagement with Order Management Software

Dollarphotoclub_81602587It's possible you're looking to increase customer engagement with order management software this year, though may not know where to turn in finding the right product. Order management software is certainly ubiquitous in the market, yet it's not always easy to find something that helps engage your customers with interactive and easy to use features. For the B2B industry, not having proper engagement with buyers is a major risk nowadays when you consider 94% of all B2B buyers’ research B2B companies before buying from them.

When those buyers find out you don't offer a way to research and order products on line they'll quickly move on to your competitors.

It's one reason those of us here at Now Commerce designed a software with a unique customer portal that lets buyers have more of a personalized experience during the buying process. Your buyers will have an intuitive interface, they'll have control over how and what they order, and they'll have the ability to check inventory, check their order status and shipping information.  We also provide more targeted search methods so they can find exactly what they want in a hurry.

All of this has a design with mobile in mind since many of your B2B buyers are researching and purchasing products on their mobile devices.

Having better order management software ultimately helps you in other ways that stem from giving your buyers more freedom. Let's take a look at the various things you'll see improve when using our software.

Increasing Your Revenue

Because of our simplified search method, your customers can find exactly what they need in seconds based on category or sequencing. Their customized order forms will also show them the products and quantities they’ve ordered over the last several orders.  With this type of targeted search method buyers will appreciate this time saver.  When they buy on a mobile device, it makes it even easier to find an item they need rather than having to do time-consuming searches. 

Allowing your buyers to buy at will (and within minutes), means they'll always turn to you when it's time for them to make their purchases. You'll only increase your revenues as a result. Because buyers can check their accounts for information 24/7, they'll also have more confidence in you, which is always the key to better customer engagement.

Increased Brand Loyalty

Branding on order management software is more important than you probably think. We let you brand your order portals with your logo so that customers always know where they are at.  Order forms are easy to customize as well with your branding design. Ultimately, equating your brand with the features you offer helps solidify a sense of familiar branding loyalty buyers will always recognize.

Increased Referrals

Word can spread fast about how efficient you make the ordering process on your B2B site. Your buyers will easily start to spread the word about you to others in their industry, so they'll start visiting you too. Because easier ordering processes are rare enough in the B2B industry, they'll know you're one of the rare ones that took the time to improve the customer experience.

Reducing Churn

It's inevitable that some buyers are going to move on to a different company after a set period of time. However, when you can give them consistent reasons to stick around, your churn rate can reduce quickly. Continuing high expectations in how purchases get made only establishes more customer loyalty to keep them from bolting to the latest competition.

Visit us here at Now Commerce to find out more about our order management software and additional features that bring a new level of customer engagement.order management system