Make Money on Each Order by Improving Your Order Fulfillment Process

order-fulfillment-processIn order to keep things running smoothly in a product-based business it is essential that every aspect of order processing, from order entry to shipping to invoicing, happens quickly and efficiently. The order fulfillment process is much more involved and important than many small business owners and managers might realize.

In many businesses it is impossible to make money on an order if any order processing step needs to be repeated, especially if the average value of an order is relatively small. Every step of the order fulfillment process is dependent on the accuracy and speed of the step before it, so it is essential to optimize each of those steps. One small error in order entry can be carried through to shipping and invoicing. A speedy and accurate order fulfilment process can help ensure that each order is profitable, and there are software programs that integrate with your accounting software that can be a big help in this area.

By utilizing good order processing software that integrates with your accounting program you can improve the profitability of each order by reducing data entry, eliminating delays, and increasing accuracy.

  • A Customer Portal that enables your customers to order online and answer their own customer service questions can greatly improve order processing speed and accuracy. An effective portal will allow wholesale customers to efficiently place their orders on customizable order forms that are specifically designed for B2B. Orders placed by customers will be automatically created in your accounting program, reducing data entry, delays, and errors. An effective portal will also allow your customers to have access to tracking numbers, product images and details, custom pricing, current inventory availability, invoices, order history, and payments and credits... all pulled automatically from your accounting software. This will reduce the time your staff needs to spend answering routine customer service questions.

  • A Rep Portal that enables your outside sales reps to place orders online and immediately answer customer service inquiries can greatly improve order processing speed, accuracy, and the efficiency of your inside team. Reps can only see their own customers, not house accounts or other reps’ accounts. Orders will be automatically created in QuickBooks or other accounting software. Reps may even prefer to sell your line over their other lines because you have empowered them to answer their own questions and enter orders 24/7.

Offering your wholesale customers and sales reps the tools they need to get their answers immediately and place orders 24/7 will free up your inside staff, increase order processing speed and accuracy, reduce rework, and help make each order profitable. Your customer service team, accounting department, sales reps, and B2B customers will all thank you, and so will your bottom line.

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