Order Management Software for QuickBooks

order management softwareQuickBooks is the most popular accounting software on the market for small and medium sized businesses.  However, as a stand-alone accounting system it has limitations for a B2B business.  Its functionality increases significantly when integrated with other software applications.   B2B businesses, looking to streamline their order management processes, have been adding cloud based order management software to their QuickBooks accounts.  These types of software programs provide tremendous efficiency gains and help businesses get to the next level.

Fortunately, Now Commerce provides a professional cloud based add-on to QuickBooks that contains a number of expert features and tools.  The most important aspect of the tool is that it has an open order entry system.  That means that the order can be placed into the system by either someone in the office or an outside sales rep or even your customer.  It is immediately and dynamically visible to everyone in the organization that needs it.  That includes customer service, sales representatives, the accounting department and senior management.  And if you have fulfillment integration, then your logistics provider as well.  This makes the process much more efficient.

For example, manufacturers usually have many wholesale customers and lots of inventory to keep track of.  They can get bogged down with lots of small details.  Giving their customers access to their account information and the ability to place orders can speed up the entire order process and get orders shipped out much faster.  But to keep it streamlined, they need a constant and dynamic system, one that plugs in directly to existing accounting software, like QuickBooks.

Vegetables and other produce has a lot of turnover and is often shipped from farms in the Midwest, California, Texas or Florida all around the country.  For example, a grocery store chain has placed an order for 1,000 bags of almonds to be delivered from California to its stores in New York using the QuickBooks plug-in customer portal.  After the almond order is entered in the order management software the sales rep knows that the order is now in the works.  The farm also receives the order through the portal connection.  The farmer then knows to prepare and ship the bags.  Finally, the logistics company is notified to pick-up and deliver the goods through the fulfillment portal.  Once the delivery is complete, the sales rep is notified in the sales portal.

With only one person entering in the order and it automatically updating QuickBooks, human error is minimized.  This save a tremendous amount of time and money.  In addition, at the end of the year when the financial statements and taxes are required, it is simple to tabulate all the data and get the results.  In the old days, year-end reviews required manually going through all of the tickets and adding them up.  Today, it is all computerized and errors are at a minimum.  In the past, when there were errors in the amount, price or location of shipments, costs would all flow to the bottom line of the distributor.  Today with the plug-in for QuickBooks, those errors are virtually eliminated.

Now Commerce is over a decade old and has a history of providing premium software solutions to manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors who use QuickBooks desktop.  The company's expertise in serving manufacturing and wholesale businesses has led to a strong track record and the widespread acceptance of its QuickBooks solution.  It has already helped hundreds of small and medium businesses achieve their goals.

To learn more about streamlining your order process, please contact Now Commerce.  Our friendly consultants will walk you through the order management software and how it can help you.  We will provide a free demo and explain all the tools and features as well as the different pricing options.

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