Reducing Churn with Order Management Software

Customer_churn.jpgCreating that personal connection is a key driver in online marketing and B2C companies.  The B2B industry is noticing.  Seeing online B2C growth, coupled with the lack of personal connection, is one reason the B2B world feels more compelled to change. Many B2B companies are attempting to nurture more personal relationships with buyers today, and are looking for quick and easy ways to do this. 

Companies are looking for software packages designed to create the personal connection and develop customer relationships.  Investing in order management software is one of a number of ways B2B companies are increasing personalization and thus customer engagement.  Through the use of various features, it can help you reduce one of the biggest blights of all B2B companies: Churn.

Churn is the amount of people who leave you every month due to particular circumstances. The general rule is, if you have double-digit churn, you definitely have a problem with your products or general business practices.

If you have the same churn problem now, it's possible your buyers simply don't like the ordering process you have. Take a look at what your customer may want in order management software and how improved features can eliminate churn every month.

Customer Portal

It's a major annoyance across all e-commerce channels when a customer buys something and they aren't sure it's going to ship on time or if it has shipped at all. One of the major mistakes in order management software is that they don't bother to provide customers a personal portal to manage their orders. This only creates uncertainty for the buyer because they won't have access to important details, like whether the order even processed in the first place. 

An effective customer portal should give a customer the ability to place their own orders, ensure their orders shipped and provide tracking information.  Even more beneficial is the ability to check on pricing and that items are in stock.

Making the Order Process Easier

We've all seen evidence of how faster methods of buying products works online. It's worked well in the B2C world, yet B2B hasn't completely caught up with the same concept.

When you use software that lets customers process orders faster, you create a program that buyers turn to again and again. With account-specific order forms based on what your buyers bought before, it can work almost like a one-click procedure.

In a more mobile era, this can definitely reduce churn because buyers need to buy products on the go and can't deal with checkout complications.  This also extends to allowing the buyer the ability to place orders on their own time frame rather than the companies.  This freedom from buying complications will keep your buyers engaged and coming back for more.     

Creating Faster Searches

When you dig a little deeper into why a customer would leave you, it's possibly because you don't use an efficient search feature to find products easier. Quality order management software should embed a thorough search method so customers can find exactly what they want in seconds based on intuitive capability.

Most people can find information fast in Google searches thanks to intuitive search technology. Having the same in your order software fulfills a buyer expectation of finding the right product quickly and effortlessly before they abandon their order.

Better Communication between Sales Reps and Customers

Giving your sales reps access to this order management software provides them with all of their customer account information.  This gives sales reps the opportunity to provide the best service to their customers.  They can quickly answer questions a customer may have on inventory, product status, pricing, account balances and or product updates.  You can set up alerts so they get updates to pricing changes and customer shipments. 

Visit us here at Now Commerce to learn more about our software and how it can make a huge difference in your churn results by the end of the year.

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