Sales Rep Software: Why it’s a Necessity

sales_rep_softwareB2B sales can be difficult without the proper tools. As a business owner, you need to give your sales reps tools that will help them be successful.  Sales rep software is one of these tools that gives your salesforce a competitive edge. With a web-based sales portal, your sales reps can be more productive, and better able to tailor sales presentations to meet customer needs. Let’s take a look at what sales rep software is and what it can do to help your business grow.

What Exactly Is Sales Rep Software?

B2B sales is evolving. Today, the best tools are web-based, allowing your sales rep to be free from your office hours and do much of their work anytime, from anywhere, using a centralized database. With software for your sales reps, they can place orders, check on customer account information, and review customer order histories.  You can set up notifications within the software when a customer’s information or pricing has been changed or when there has been changes to an item. Without the need to call the office and wait for information to be relayed, your sales rep can quickly and easily answer many customer questions. The bottom line is:

Your Sales Reps Are More Productive

Sales software tied to your existing QuickBooks reduces the paperwork and data entry required by your sales personnel. This saves them time and reduces costly errors. Your rep can create reports to spot trends and customer needs, and track his or her performance towards meeting sales goals. Real-time pricing and inventory is immediately available to the rep. With access to the customer account, your rep can have smarter interactions with your customers, and your customers gain confidence that your business can meet their needs. Your customers may say pricing is what makes the difference to them, but, more often than not, the customer experience is what keeps your customer loyal. They want fewer and more knowledgeable interactions with sales. Your sales reps aren’t making more calls, they are making more efficient calls, tailored to your customer needs. Sales rep software gives your rep the tools to provide a satisfying customer experience. This means:

Your Company Will Be More Efficient

Not only will software save your sales reps time and allow them to better obtain and fulfill orders, it will save time and money in your back-office. When your sales reps bring in more repeat orders and new customers, your paperwork needs will grow. By allowing your sales reps to have the ability to answer customer questions and create and manage orders, the software lets you leverage your office employees elsewhere. Instead of having to hire additional staff to decipher handwritten sales orders, manually enter data repetitively, and provide low level customer support, your back-office can remain lean and efficient, without sacrificing customer service. Sales software helps your sales reps be efficient, your employees more productive, and keeps your customers loyal and ordering. That’s how you grow a business.

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