Succeeding in Your Wholesale Business with Order Management Software

success_order_managementWholesalers have a number of challenges to overcome to successfully grow in today’s market. The multiple channels of order and delivery, the global nature of the supply chain, and the increased demand of B2B customers for a better customer experience are just a few of the issues. You need a cost effective way to meet those challenges. The solution is web-based order management software that integrates with QuickBooks. Let’s take a look at just a few of the things an order management system can do to help you succeed.

  • Streamlines Your Back Office

    Time spent on administrative duties - such as data entry, inventory tracking, and taking phone calls from sales reps and customers to answer inquiries – can be better spent in areas that are more productive for your business to grow.  Order management software will automatically send orders from sales reps or customers to QuickBooks for you, eliminating much of the repetitive manual entry required without it. Not only does this save time by making the whole data entry process faster and more efficient, it reduces or eliminates costly human error in your back office.

  • Centralizes Information

    With multiple order and delivery channels, it is easy for information to be misfiled, overlooked, or otherwise fall through the cracks. Order management software will keep the information in a centralized location that your sales reps and customers can access anywhere at any time from the web. No more calls to the office to be put on hold while an employee searches trying to find the requested information. No more “lost” or mistyped orders. No more concerns about differences in time zones between sales reps and customers. Sales reps and customers will love the convenience of being able to create and manage orders, and answer their own questions, at their convenience rather than being dependent on your office hours.

  • Provides a Better Customer Experience
Order management software empowers the customer. By having the ability to access their accounts, customers have more confidence in ordering from you. They know they can check the status of orders they’ve made and they can see if you have the inventory they require. This transparency inspires customer trust and loyalty. You are able to customize the order form for each customer and offer discount pricing or promotions on an individual customer basis. Because your customers and sales reps have the ability to answer many of their questions themselves, you won’t have to add staff for customer support, yet you won’t be sacrificing customer service, or compromising the customer experience.
  • Provides Detailed Reports for Analysis --
A key feature of good order software is the ease and depth of its reporting. Sales reps can use the reports to track order histories to better prepare to meet customer needs and track whether they are meeting their sales goals. Changes in pricing, inventory, or customer information are provided to your sales reps immediately, so they are always up-to-date. You can create reports to spot customer tendencies or emerging trends. Overstocking can be wasteful in resources and money, understocking can result in lost customers. These reports help you manage inventory more efficiently. You will be prepared to adapt and change inventory and sales tactics as necessary.

You’ve now read how order management software can help a wholesale business succeed. Don’t wait, call Now Commerce today for a free demo and learn how it can help yours. Order Management System