3 Convincing Reasons Why You Need Sales Rep Software

Sales_rep_software_productivityYour sales reps play a key role in your company’s growth. Why not help them succeed by providing tools they can use to be more efficient and productive? Here are 3 reasons sales rep software will help your business thrive:

1.  Sales Rep Software Makes the Order Process More Efficient

By allowing sales reps to place and check the status of orders themselves, sales rep portals free your reps from dependence on your business hours or office employee availability. When the sales rep software is integrated with QuickBooks, any orders entered into the sales portal is automatically entered into your QuickBooks, and QuickBooks entries are automatically pulled into the software. This reduces the amount of manual entry needed, which reduces the chances for error. It saves time since the order doesn’t have to be called or faxed in to the office to start the fulfillment process.

2.  Customer Information Is Immediately Available

This saves time and money. Your sales reps don’t waste time making phone calls to the office to get customer account information. All the customer information is available in one central location and accessible from anywhere and anytime the rep needs it by logging into the sales rep software. With the search tools in the software, your reps can get information quickly and get back to focusing on the job of selling. Being able to review account histories and create detailed reports allows the rep to spot tendencies and trends that can help the sales rep meet customer needs. Customer questions about order status, pricing or inventory can be answered by the sales reps, eliminating time consuming hand-offs to others. You are able to give the customer the information they need, when they need it. You save having to expand staff for customer support as you grow, yet you are able to maintain good customer service.

3.  Your Sales Reps Are Kept In the Loop

Without sales software, your sales reps may miss critical information and updates. When billing information or payment methods are changed, or when product pricing changes, the software automatically updates and the sales rep is emailed or texted alerts. The same is true for inventory status. This, combined with the reports the rep software can create, means your reps are able to meet their customers with the latest data to provide accurate, error-free information to the customer.

Bonus Reason

Today’s B2C customers have come to expect a better customer experience. B2B customers are expecting the same from your sales reps. The most compelling reason you need rep software is because the tools it provides empowers your reps and allows them to provide that good customer experience. It is far easier and less expensive to keep a customer than to seek a new one, and a happy customer is a loyal customer.

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