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You Need Good Product Descriptions for Customer Order Management

Take it from our experts in customer order management: a web-based portal is an important tool for wholesalers and distributors. It's their lifeline to sourcing more products to satisfy their buyers. Over time, they may become more knowledgeable about your products, but they will spend more time studying your top-selling products. Top-selling items vary in each market that your wholesalers and distributors serve.

Customer-Sensitive Pricing and Online Order Management Systems

Every small manufacturer is part of a supply chain, and it depends on a set of successful business relationships with its own suppliers and customers. Many small manufacturers employ a small staff, and they rely heavily on their online order management systems. One organizational arrangement for a small manufacturing firm might look like this: business owner/manager, four sales reps, two office workers, and three people performing production tasks. This example includes a total workforce of ten people. Any task that takes the skeleton crew away from their regular duties could adversely affect the company's bottom line. Here, we look at the importance of price elasticity and its relationship to online order management systems.

Five Ways Your Wholesale Customers Will Benefit From an Online Ordering System

An online ordering system has many benefits for a business. It frees up sales reps, streamlines accounting, improves order accuracy, and increases efficiency. They also have a number of advantages for customers. Here are five ways your customers will benefit from an online ordering system.

Four E-commerce Mistakes all Wholesalers Should Avoid

E-commerce has lots of potential for small and mid-sized wholesalers. It provides a low-cost way of selling to your repeat and in-bulk customers. Wholesale and retail e-commerce are different and they require separate infrastructure. Are you making any of these costly wholesale e-commerce mistakes?

Wholesale Marketing 101: Three Things You Need To Implement Now

Marketing is just as important for wholesalers as it is for retailers, but wholesale marketing is slightly different from retail marketing. Wholesalers cannot simply copy the strategies of their retail counterparts. Instead, they have to adapt them to a business-to-business (B2B) environment. The following are some of the marketing nuances you should pay attention to if you are a wholesale company. These six tips cover everything from basic website design to reaching new markets and contacting leads.

Small Business Tactics You Can Implement in a Week

There are many ways you can increase traffic, sales, loyalty, and efficiency, and some of them can be implemented in a single week. Here are five tactics you can implement in a week or less.

5 Ways You Can Save Money at a Trade Show as a Wholesale Brand

Marketing at a trade show is a significant investment. Unless you happen to be located near a smaller, regional trade show, your travel, accommodations, space and exhibit will reach thousands of dollars. For small- and mid-sized wholesalers, the four- to five-figure price of advertising at a trade show may account for most of your annual marketing budget. Here are five ways for wholesalers to save money at trade shows, so that your costs do not become too much for your company.

Easy-to-Implement Customer Service Ideas for Wholesale Brands

Sales and customer service are important aspects of running a company that sells wholesale. Wholesalers have customers that are other businesses, but people make the buying decisions. Here are five sales and customer service ideas that wholesalers and all (B2B) companies can implement today to improve their sales and customer satisfaction.

Why Images Are Important in Your Online Ordering Software

“One picture is worth a thousand words,” as the old saying goes. For a company’s website, an image does things that words just can’t do. They are a key tool for grabbing attention, assuring a visitor that they are in the right spot, and quickly conveying concepts and large amounts of information. Here's why.

How To Grow Your Wholesale Brand Online

Online marketing is especially important for many small- and mid-sized wholesalers, since they typically do not have a physical storefront that attracts customers. There are many different strategies companies can use to attract customers virtually. Here are six ideas you can use to grow your company’s online presence.

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