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Take Action with Customer Order Software

Manufacturing, wholesaling, and distribution companies all have similar requirements in their order process. These companies use internal and external sales people to build long-term relationships with B2B customers, manage customer inquiries, and customer information.

For these businesses, finding a great sales and order processing system to help your employees and customers is crucial. Customer order software delivers specific functionality to B2B companies looking to increase customer service while decreasing administrative costs. Finding customer order software that will integrate with your accounting software like QuickBooks, will allow you to expand your reach with your customers. 

Is B2B Wholesale E-commerce Resembling B2C Ordering More and More?

Consumers have grown comfortable purchasing online over the last decade, as advancing technology brings greater access, security, and convenience. While customers are being catered to through mobile apps and website E-commerce optimization, the difference between B2B and B2C ordering is beginning to disappear. B2B wholesale E-commerce ordering resembles B2C ordering more and more.

The main catalyst for this B2B ordering transformation, is cloud-based order management software solutions for wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers. These SaaS solutions are integrated with popular accounting systems like QuickBooks Desktop. Businesses specializing in B2B sales are taking advantage of innovative solutions to upgrade their order management systems, in order to respond to the growing expectations of their customers.

An Order Management System to Help Your Fulfillment Centers

Having an order management system that accelerates shipping of your products is imperative if you want to keep a loyal business customer base. In today's fast-paced world, B2B customers expect to get products as fast as possible to keep up with their own customer demands. They also want to be able to order easily, when they want, and be able to access their accounts to see when something ships or when an items in stock.

This can't work well without having proper communication with your fulfillment center. The warehouse you work with can easily have crossed wires without having recurring communication to catch mistakes.

How to Make Wholesale Order Management Efficient and Easy

It's no wonder that many people choose to be on the wholesale side of things when you consider the thrill of selling tens, hundreds, or even thousands of items with one transaction.  Wholesale order management, on the other hand, can be difficult if you don't have the right tools and procedures in place.

Here are several things you can do to ensure that nothing interferes with the excitement of landing those big orders:

A Look at the Essentials for Your B2B E-commerce Business

Is it a slow process for your customers to order from your company?  This can frustrate customers who have become used to having instant ordering ability in their private lives. These customers see that it's completely possible to make ordering one-click easy, so they are no longer satisfied with the old processes when it comes time to buy in bulk for their companies. It might be time for your B2B e-commerce business to start modernizing the order process.

Here are some things you can do that customers will immediately appreciate:

Order Management Software Has Big Impact on B2B Customer Relations

There are still a huge number of B2B businesses where customer orders are handled personally by a live person and not software. Although this may be an idealistic model for some businesses, the shifting technological advances are demanding an upgrade to the way customer orders are taken and processed. As your customer orders grow and become more time consuming, customers are demanding their product deliveries faster than ever before.  In this respect, we can safely conclude: order management software has a big impact on B2B customer relations.

As a distributor, wholesaler, or manufacturer whose bread and butter are B2B customer orders, offering customers a faster, more efficient way to order is only going to improve your relationships with them. In fact, the entire workflow of an organization will benefit from the order automation gained with quality order management software.

What to Look For in B2B Order Entry Software

When it's time to upgrade your B2B order entry software, you'll find an array of features that can be confusing. Which ones are fluff and which ones are actually important to have? With B2B order entry software, you can offer both customers and sales reps online access to their account information which can really streamline the order process.

Here are a few features that are truly beneficial to B2B wholesalers and distributors:

Sales Order Management Software: Get into the Details

Your sales team possibly needs better sales order management software after years of working with the same substandard tools. If your company had recent upticks in sales this first quarter, your sales team already has more pressure keeping everything managed. Older software that doesn't provide more detail only leads to your sales team burning out trying to keep loose ends tied.

In today's sales culture, having better analytics and more thorough data helps get ahead of competitors. Without these tools, it's akin to flying blind and not seeing certain angles you know can lead to better success.

The Secrets to Enhancing Your Customer Order Management Portal


Sometimes, we get the question of why a B2B business should use a customer order management add-on for QuickBooks for a better customer experience. The answer is simple when you consider how a small upgrade to your order process can elevate the customer experience.

Using a little creativity in your approach to how you present your products and deliver more responsive services to all clients can increase loyalty among your customers. If you aren't using the reporting features in your QuickBooks order management system, you aren't maximizing your relationships with your customers.

B2B Businesses Need a QuickBooks Order Management Upgrade

Are you a B2B business who uses QuickBooks Desktop but searching for a solution to better manage your overall ordering process?

While QuickBooks offers efficient tools for many necessary business tasks, QuickBooks order management isn't one of them. Startups and growing businesses in the wholesale and manufacturing industries need efficient tools for both their sales reps and B2B customers.  As a business grows with more orders coming in, you need the most efficient way to place and track orders anytime and anywhere.

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