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How Todays Effective Wholesalers Make the Most of Order Entry Software

Having order entry software is the first step to improving efficiency and reducing errors, but it's only the start. In order to get the maximum benefit, you need to institute the right processes within your company. This will ensure that the software’s power isn't squandered by incorrect or unnecessary practices.

Here are some ways that successful wholesalers make the most of order entry software, broken down by department or group:

4 Reasons Order Entry Software is Right for Your Wholesale Business

Wholesale businesses are constantly on the move. Whether it be taking orders for the upcoming holiday season or simply trying to keep up with a new promotion, there are always orders coming in that need to be filled and shipped out. While this is great for business, you also want to make sure you can keep track of all your customers and upcoming orders without anything slipping through the cracks. With the help of order entry software, that won’t be a problem. Just check out the following reasons why this software is exactly what you need to transform your business.

Get Orders In and Out Faster with Order Entry Software

Companies have done B2B sales the same way for years. For large accounts, sales reps go to the customers' locations to take orders. This requires making an appointment and then spending a lot of time taking their order. Questions about stock levels, current order status, and other basic aspects of business result in the rep calling the main office to check. Sometimes, the orders are also called in. All of this calling results in long wait times that annoy customers and create chances for errors in transcription.

How Smart Wholesalers Make Order Entry Software Work for Them

Not so long ago, wholesale businesses were driven by putting a face to their brand.  Sales staff made the rounds, often driving thousands of miles a year to represent your business, drum up whatever sales they could get and throw anything they could against the proverbial wall to see what would stick, and what wouldn't.  Trade shows tried to show what the next newest and biggest thing was to hit and a good wholesaler went with their instincts as to what they needed to sell to their clients.

Order Entry Software Best Practices for Successful Wholesalers

How successful wholesalers make the most of order entry software all comes down to how comprehensively easy it is to use for both employees and customers. Yes, adding customers into the order entry equation frequently gets overlooked. Some companies don't always make it easy for sales reps or the back office either.

5 Benefits to Order Entry Software for Your B2B Business

Order entry software is designed to make your life easier.  As a B2B business with sales rep, you may need to enter orders in all the time.  It can now be done easier with software that provides you with a wide range of benefits. This allows you to gain more productivity and have more tools at your fingertips.

Pair Order Entry Software with QuickBooks and Reap the Benefits

Whether you are a wholesaler, distributor or manufacturer, proper application of data is essential to your company running efficiently. When you have a great product generating lots of orders and combine it with QuickBooks you have a winning collaboration that will increase your company’s profits and productivity. Here are a few reasons why pairing order entry software integrated with QuickBooks is beneficial to your business.

Must Haves When Buying Order Management Software for QuickBooks

For small and medium sized businesses, QuickBooks is the go-to accounting software.  For a manufacturer, wholesaler or distributor, QuickBooks doesn’t quite cover all your needs when you have customers, sales reps and inside staff who need to place and manage orders and access customer and product information.  While you want to limit access to QuickBooks to your back office, by adding order management software, you can easily share information with everyone. 

Undeniable Proof That You Need Order Management Software

Most start-ups and small businesses can get along with QuickBooks and manual processes at first. However, if you are like most, your goal is to be successful and grow your business. When that happens, to be competitive, you are going to need something more. You are so busy running your company, you might not realize it’s time to make a move.  However, there are some signs that let you know you can’t keep growing without order management software.

Improve Your Bottom Line with Order Entry Software

As a standalone, QuickBooks does have some limited order management abilities. However, to take your business to the next level, you really need to consider order entry software that is designed to improve your bottom line.  Software that is web-based, designed for B2B, provides customer and sales rep portals, and integrates with your existing QuickBooks can have a huge impact on your wholesale business’ profitability and efficiency. 

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