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Web-Based Order Processing: How to Make Your Order Processing More Like Amazon

Amazon is popular for a reason—the website provides a customer shopping experience that’s truly unparalleled.

Order Management Software for B2B Ecommerce Is No Luxury—It’s a Necessity

Order management software (for B2B ecommerce-oriented companies especially), isn’t just something that sounds nice, something that could be a good idea to maybe look into 5 years down the road, something that you talk about around the office from time to time, something where you say, “Hey, you know, maybe we should get that someday.”

The Thing You Need to Attract Top-Performing Sales Reps

Sales reps are essential to a well-run, profitable distribution business.  They cultivate relationships between your business and your customers, supporting the customer through their buying process to ensure a positive experience.

Kicking Off The Year Right: Utilize Automatic Processing of QuickBooks Orders

The new year is here – and with it, the continual march of technology. 

Sales Rep Ordering Efficiency — Keeping Your Reps (and Your Customers) Happy With an Online Management System

If your business utilizes sales reps to make sales, you have a model of business that other wholesalers don’t have to contend with.  There’s additional steps, considerations, and processes you need to manage and keep on top of in order to do business. 

Online Order Processing for Small Businesses — The Simpler It Is for Your Customers, The Easier Your Life Is

Online order processing, for small businesses in particular, can be a nightmare — as a wholesaler, you’re acutely aware of this.

Get Home On Time For Once: How Order Processing Software Makes Everyone Happier

Better ordering processing makes everyone’s life better.  From the people in your office, to your warehouse, to your customers – streamlined, effective order processing makes people happy.

3 Powerful Features Customers Want in a B2B Order Site

Distributors, manufacturers, and wholesalers rely on B2B orders from loyal customers. What Customers Want in a B2B Order Site – is the question businesses should be asking. In order to retain repeat customers and gain new customers, innovative solutions have to be attained and implemented. Now Commerce helps businesses stay ahead of advancing technology, by offering a cloud based add-on for QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise users.

QuickBooks integration with our Now Commerce Platform gives businesses a B2B e-commerce platform for managing online ordering. Within our innovative software are portals where sales reps, managers, and B2B customers can get access to advanced tools which simplify and enhance the ordering process.

How to Choose the Right Lean Manufacturing Tools for Your Business

The Lean Enterprise Institute defines Lean as “creating more value for customers with fewer resources.” Embedded in this simple definition are a couple of important concepts, the first of which is the focus on value creation.  A fundamental principle in the application of Lean is the relentless elimination of waste, defined as any task or activity that does not add value, so that value creation is the sole focus of the organization.  The second concept embedded in the definition above is that the customer is the one who determines value.  The entire organization must be aligned on the customer’s expectation of value and strive to do everything necessary to meet that expectation.

We introduce the above definition to make the larger point that Lean shouldn’t be reduced to a series of tools that are applied in an “ad hoc” manner within the business.  The various Lean tools were born out of a customer- and performance-focused culture, not vice versa.  Long story made short, it’s important to build the right mindsets and behaviors into the organization.  

With that as background, there are numerous Lean tools that can be applied to the benefit of the business and some of these tools will be more applicable depending on the circumstances.  With that in mind, here are a few thoughts on when to introduce certain Lean tools (we recognize that the list below is not exhaustive...we welcome comments based on your experience):

Why QuickBooks Premier Beats Pro And QuickBooks Online For Wholesale Businesses

Having a difficult time choosing which type of QuickBooks software is right for you? One of the great things about QuickBooks is that there are multiple versions to meet any needs. Whether you're a startup or established, whether you sell products or services, there's a QuickBooks for you.

However, all those options can sometimes make for a difficult decision. There's QuickBooks, Premier, QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Enterprise. There's even QuickBooks Online. How do you know which one is right for you?

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