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Five Reasons to Love Order Entry Software

Order entry software is designed to give you a centralized set of tools to manage your business from inventory to delivery. A web-based order entry platform offers you flexibility and convenience. Let’s take a look at five of the reasons you will love having a web-based system for your business:

Change Your Business for the Better with Order Entry Software

Order entry software can take your business processes from slow and laborious to streamlined and dynamic. For small and mid-size B2B operations, the change can be dramatic, and you’ll start seeing results quickly. You’ll wonder why you waited so long to adopt this valuable tool - especially considering how easy it is to implement and use.

Solving the Biggest Problems with Order Entry Software

Small businesses don’t have the huge staff or the seemingly endless resources the “big boys” have at their disposal. Every customer and every sale is important for the small business to grow and prosper. In a typical small business there tends to be a lot of manual entry of data. This can lead to disorganization, duplication, and a lack of sharing of information. The result is customer dissatisfaction and the loss of sales. Order entry software that automates much of that data entry and processing and integrates with your existing QuickBooks software solves many of the problems manual entry creates.

Say Goodbye to Back Office Trouble with an Online Ordering System

Moving to an online ordering system may be the next essential step for your business to thrive and grow. Back office operations include accounting, finance, inventory, and shipping – the things that keep your business running. Customers don’t care how your back office works, just what it does. They want fast, mistake free order management. Back office processes don’t make your business money, but they drain money from the front office if not done efficiently. An online ordering system brings that efficiency to you.

10 Tips on Order Management Software for QuickBooks

For small and medium sized businesses, QuickBooks is the go-to accounting software.  For a manufacturer, wholesaler or distributor, QuickBooks doesn’t quite cover all your needs when you have customers, sales reps and inside staff who need to place and manage orders and access customer and product information.  While you want to limit access to QuickBooks to your back office, by adding order management software, you can easily share information with everyone. 

Improving Your Business with Order Entry Software

If you are a manufacturer, wholesaler or distributor, you probably have a complex order process.  Receiving customer orders (error free, you hope), keying them into your accounting system, sending them to the warehouse and getting them shipped in a timely manner can be a process fraught with pitfalls and road blocks.  With order entry software you can simplify these processes and improve your business along the way. 

Automate Routine Tasks with Order Entry Software

One of the most effective ways to streamline your order processing routine is to implement integrated order entry software. Your sales reps, customer service staff, and wholesale customers can place orders online and those orders will be automatically created in QuickBooks without any additional data entry. Order entry software can also help streamline your entire fulfillment process

Stay Organized with an Online Ordering System for Your Business

More business means more orders. More orders means more invoices. That means more forms, more data entry, and more transferring of information between different departments. It's easy for a form or piece of information to get lost in the shuffle.

Choosing the Best Order Management System for Your Wholesale Business

Ecommerce is becoming one of the most efficient ways for wholesalers to reach customers.   According to data from Forrester, B2B ecommerce is currently a $559 billion industry, and is steadily growing by almost 19 percent each year.  Now even small companies can afford to benefit from the opportunity that B2B ecommerce software offers.   Giving your customers and reps an online order management system will ensure your business is poised for growth. 

Six Ways Sales Reps Benefit From an Online Ordering System

Online ordering systems set sales reps up for success by enabling them to do what they do well: sell.  An online ordering system will give  your sales reps the tools they need to manage their accounts quickly  and effortlessly by giving them access to important customer account information.  This in turn allows  them to focus on strengthening  relationships with their customers and  increasing sales. 

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