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Order Management Software makes it Simple to Handle B2B Ecommerce

Wholesale ecommerce is a boon to both buyers and sellers. It allows big orders to be processed without the need to wait for sales appointments or even stick to normal business hours. These things make it a great tool for serving B2B customers who have a just-in-time ordering philosophy or who are simply in different time zones. It's also great for customers who order on a recurring basis and want to complete transactions as quickly as possible.

Advance Your Business with Order Management Software

Order management software is a powerful tool designed to record and process orders. This tool is very flexible and can easily be adapted to the unique environment and needs of all B2B product based businesses. Using software to manage a crucial process such as orders is a huge step and it is important to understand the benefits of relying on order management software before selecting one or putting this new technology into use.

Why Use an Online Order Management System for B2B Orders?

Most companies use software like QuickBooks to keep track of their finances, and in many cases, this makes accounting easier. The exception is when it's time to enter sales orders into that system. Then, it often forces the company to do double work. This is because many companies will receive an order via email, fax or phone from a sales rep or customer and then the QuickBooks user in the home office must enter the order into QuickBooks.

B2B Ecommerce Software: Keep Track of Orders with Ease

Selling to other businesses can often be more challenging than selling to consumers. As your customer base begins to grows, there are more orders to keep track of, more time consuming customer service issues to handle, which usually means the need for more staff on hand to take care of these things.  Now, B2B ecommerce has been added to the mix. For many companies, this development has been a mixed blessing. It opens up a new channel for orders, but it also causes the need to re-enter data from these orders into other databases like QuickBooks to keep track of everything. Is there a way to keep online ordering capabilities while avoiding all of this extra work? Fortunately, there is. Enter Now Commerce.

Simplify Your Life with Order Management Software

A goal that many new business owners have is getting in a position where they are overwhelmed by orders. It means their business is a success, and that they'll be able to grow quickly. What they don't always think about is the importance of being able to keep track of all those orders to ensure all those customers keep coming back.

5 Signs You Need Help with QuickBooks Order Management

QuickBooks does offer some order management tools, though limited. As your business grows, you will run into those limitations. The solution is to find order management software that is more powerful and designed for B2B companies, yet integrates with QuickBooks so you don’t have to start from scratch.

Succeeding in Your Wholesale Business with Order Management Software

Wholesalers have a number of challenges to overcome to successfully grow in today’s market. The multiple channels of order and delivery, the global nature of the supply chain, and the increased demand of B2B customers for a better customer experience are just a few of the issues. You need a cost effective way to meet those challenges. The solution is web-based order management software that integrates with QuickBooks. Let’s take a look at just a few of the things an order management system can do to help you succeed.

Outshine Your Competition with an Order Management System

In order for your business to thrive and succeed, you need to stay ahead of your competition. As your business grows, the demand on your record keeping, inventory, and employee workloads also increases. You need a way to grow that provides cost savings, flexibility, and scalability features. You need an efficient way to enter orders and process them. You need an order management system (OMS).

Customer Order Management Software vs. a Shopping Cart

As a B2B company, you won’t find the features you need to be competitive, cost-effective, and customer oriented with an ecommerce shopping cart. Shopping carts are designed for the checkout process. You need something that integrates with your back-end systems to provide a customized, feature-filled buying experience for your customers. You need automated operations to reduce customer service costs, while improving customer service by eliminating order errors and inventory issues. A customer order management system, or OMS, refers to software used for order entry and processing. Let’s look at some of the things you get with an OMS that you might not get with a shopping cart:

The Best Customer Order Management Strategies for Your Business

If you are like most business owners today, you know that the effort it takes to fulfill customer orders can be challenging and time consuming. You can meet these challenges head on by employing order management strategies that will save you both time and money.

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