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Give Sales Reps the Edge with B2B Order Management Software

Perhaps you've been on the lookout for better B2B order management software after far too many years of your sales reps complaining about lack of data entry efficiency. With the B2B industry being more competitive than ever, your sales reps are likely getting overwhelmed keeping up with their customers and keeping track of all the records. These business growth bursts are common, and keeping things status quo is a major risk.

Get Your B2B Business Moving With Sales Order Management Software

Personal visits from sales representatives are rare for individuals, but they're still typical in the B2B world. In many cases, this has more to do with the financial value of the orders a customer may place than the complexity of the product. Having the time to develop relationships with your customers is an important step in growing your business.  Business customers like to see someone sitting on the other side of the desk if they're ordering hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of product - at least at first.

Improve Productivity and Employee Satisfaction with Sales Rep Software

As a sales rep nothing is more frustrating than working extremely hard but not having the necessary tools to do the job to your full potential. Likewise, the inverse is true; nothing is more satisfying than being equipped with tools that improve your efficiency and effectiveness.  Sales rep software that enables reps to place orders, check inventory, track invoices, and view overall purchase history of each client not only improves productivity. . .it increases employee satisfaction. 

3 Convincing Reasons Why You Need Sales Rep Software

Your sales reps play a key role in your company’s growth. Why not help them succeed by providing tools they can use to be more efficient and productive? Here are 3 reasons sales rep software will help your business thrive:

Sales Rep Software: Why it’s a Necessity

B2B sales can be difficult without the proper tools. As a business owner, you need to give your sales reps tools that will help them be successful.  Sales rep software is one of these tools that gives your salesforce a competitive edge. With a web-based sales portal, your sales reps can be more productive, and better able to tailor sales presentations to meet customer needs. Let’s take a look at what sales rep software is and what it can do to help your business grow.

Tackle Everyday Hurdles with Sales Rep Software

Through its remote accessing capabilities, sales rep software provides many on-the-go advantages for traveling sales reps.  This online portal, when synced with your accounting program, allows your reps to see important customer and product information. It is a secure way to ensure accurate orders, faster order processing and greater product knowledge which results in customer satisfaction. 

6 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Sales Rep Software

Providing the proper tools to your sales reps enables them to better do their job. It is a statement that you care about your products and your brand, and that you want the sales team to be able to meet customer demands. Sales rep software, is just such a tool.

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Sales Portal?

When you have grown beyond manually entering data, an order management system is the next step.  An order management system is software used for order entry and processing, and it automates much of the manual work. Some management systems have separate portals, or online interfaces, for the sales department.  Using a sales portal, sales representatives have a way to access customer accounts and inventory and place orders without having to call in to the office.

Turn Your Reps into Super Stars with Sales Rep Software

When hiring outside sales reps for your wholesale business you want to ensure they are going to give your product line the utmost attention with customers.  There’s a lot of information on both products and customers to keep organized.  They also have to work closely with your inside staff to get orders processed and shipped and customer accounts managed.  Giving them the tools they need to stay informed and organized can increase productivity.  With sales rep software you can give your reps the opportunity to shine. 

The Benefits of Using Sales Rep Software

As a manufacturer, wholesaler or distributor, selling B2B, outside sales reps are usually central to your business.  Independent sales reps are a great way to nurture your customers and grow the business.  Yet, it can be a challenge to manage them and keep processes running efficiently.  You can help your sales reps better serve your customers and keep the order management process streamlined with sales rep software. 

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