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Sales Rep Software: Best Practices

Independent sales reps can be a great way for manufacturers and distributors to generate new sales, open new territories, and get instant access to new customers. Hiring new sales employees can be out of reach for small businesses, but independent reps and rep groups need only to be paid commissions on the sales they make. These independent reps need tools to be effective, and online rep software that integrates with your QuickBooks will give your new reps the latest info on new products, pricing, inventory, etc.  Sales reps can also inundate your inside office staff with data entry and questions regarding order status and tracking information.  One of the best ways to get the most from your new reps and keep your office running smoothly is to use sales rep software.

Sales Rep Software: The Key to Increased Productivity

Businesses are continually looking for ways to cut costs and increase sales.  Finding creative ways to get more productivity out of your employees rather than hiring another person is a proven strategy.  When you want to increase the productivity of your outside sales rep staff you can give them additional tools such as a sales portal.  With sales rep software, you can drive up your reps’ performance and increase customer satisfaction in the process.  Discover what a sales portal can do for your sales reps.

Key Components of a B2B Online Ordering System

A B2B ecommerce system for manufacturing, wholesale, and distribution companies is fundamentally different from a B2C shopping cart.  It needs special features not found and not required in online retailing. Trying to make a B2C system do the job of a B2B system will likely end in frustration. It is better to start with an ecommerce system that is specifically designed for your needs. Here are some key components that separate B2B ecommerce systems from consumer shopping carts.

The Paper Catalog is Dead: Why You Should Be Using a Sales Portal Today

Years ago, it wasn't uncommon to see buyers sitting at their desks thumbing through stacks of paper catalogs in search of a specific product, then filling out order forms by hand and hoping they copied down the product number correctly, or waiting on the phone listening to elevator music as they held for a sales representative. Thankfully, those days are over.

The internet has enabled us to not just find the products we are searching for more easily, but to evaluate them, check availability, and place our orders with just a few clicks. If your B2B business doesn’t offer your reps and dealers an online sales portal, here are a few reasons why you should:

Sales Portals for Wholesale Businesses: What to Look for

Whether you’re the owner or the office manager of a small manufacturing or wholesale business, you personally know the frustrating daily challenge of trying to streamline processes across all your departments, not only to improve customer experiences, but also to help your devoted and diligent sales reps provide great service to their existing and new accounts. Without the use of an effective sales portal designed specifically for small wholesale businesses (with dreams of big B2B sales), this feat is hard to accomplish.

How a Sales Portal Can Speed Up Your Sales Cycle

The speed of your sales cycle is one of the most influential factors that can significantly affect the growth and success of your business. Although the actual cycle can be a very complicated process, a more simplified outline of the process can help you better understand how an efficient sales portal can speed up your sales cycle.

Improve Customer Relations by Using Sales Rep Software

You probably pride yourself on excellent customer service. However, it's tough to manage your customer service when you utilize multi-line sales reps. Often, the sales rep becomes the face of your company to the customer. For all the benefits that can be gained with multi-line reps, you run the risk that the rep may make mistakes that undermine your customer service standards.

Herding Cats, Independent Sales Reps, and Online Ordering Systems for QuickBooks

Independent sales reps can be a big boost to SMB’s who are manufacturers, importers, and sell wholesale. They can expand your reach and get the word out to new customers. These reps can be your eyes and ears in the field, helping to keep you informed of customer opinions and competitor trends. They bring in the orders and act as a first line of defense for customer service issues. New reps can also bring in an instant customer base.

But do your outside sales reps drive you crazy? Managing independent multi-line reps has been compared to herding cats... it is very challenging to get them all moving in the same direction and they usually have a mind of their own. Offering your reps an online Rep Portal can make your sales team more productive, more independent, and can make your company stand out from the other lines they represent. A good online ordering system will also integrate with QuickBooks so the orders that your reps place will become sales orders without any data entry by your customer service staff.

Overview of QuickBooks Price Levels

Growing a product-based wholesale business is hard work that often requires tough negotiating skills. Along the way, you've probably had customers ask for across-the-board discounts, custom prices on specific products, and other special incentives. 

Can Your Sales Team Benefit From Online Order Entry Software?

Providing sales reps with online order entry software that integrates with a back office accounting system can certainly make life easier for manufacturers, wholesalers, or distributors. First, we’ll take a look at what’s in it for the company, then we’ll see what’s in it for the reps.

Eliminate or reduce order entry at work

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