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Increase Accuracy with Order Processing Software

A great order processing software system builds accuracy for your business in many ways. Data management and entry, customer communication and service, and inventory integration all increase in accuracy with a good order processing system.

Since order processing includes customer information, inventory management, and accounting systems, it is imperative that your order processing software integrate with your current business systems including accounting software.

Maximizing and Simplifying B2B E-Commerce with a Customer Portal

Finding an affordable solution for effective B2B e-commerce management is a valuable asset for any business. Now Commerce has a platform that offers not only efficient management, but a viable method to increase sales and simplify business processes in general. The result is simplifying B2B e-commerce with customers and increasing profitability.

The Magic of Integrating Order Processing Software with Your 3PL

Now that the holiday season is behind us, you can sit back and assess how well your order process worked.  Was everything as smooth as it could be?  Did shipments get to your customers on time and with limited errors?  Was your fulfillment center able to get orders from you quickly and out the door with not too much effort?  Could there have been better communication between your company and your third party fulfillment center (3PL)?

Order Management Software Helps You Track Crucial KPIs

Order management software enables you to easily input and track orders, synchronize inventory automatically and have full visibility of your customer’s order history.   Wholesalers and manufacturers who use order management software see many benefits including streamlining the ordering process and fulfilling orders more rapidly.  Both leading to higher satisfaction rates among their customers. Being able to collect data and analyze KPIs is another advantage of using order management software.

6 Features of Highly Effective Sales Rep Software

Managing your sales representatives is an absolutely vital part of any business. Although old techniques still work, you'll notice that you are falling short of the marks that your competitors reach without using modern technology and management software for your sales team. Great sales rep management software provides your sales reps with more vital information during the times that they need it most throughout the sales process. There are many options for sales rep software out there today, but the one that you choose should provide you with some standard features that help your sales reps to do a better job, grow your company revenue, and better interact with customers and prospects on a day-to-day basis. Take these features into account when you are searching for highly effective sales rep software.

Simplifying B2B E-Commerce: Untangle the Web of Buying Confusion

It’s a new year, and perhaps you're on a quest toward simplifying your B2B e-commerce site to increase sales, satisfy customers and still have time to check things off your ever-growing to do list.  Without B2B order software, processing orders can be complicated.  Take a cue from B2C websites and improve your B2B e-commerce site in 2016.  If the B2C world finally mastered e-commerce, the B2B world can too.

Get Orders In and Out Faster with Order Entry Software

Companies have done B2B sales the same way for years. For large accounts, sales reps go to the customers' locations to take orders. This requires making an appointment and then spending a lot of time taking their order. Questions about stock levels, current order status, and other basic aspects of business result in the rep calling the main office to check. Sometimes, the orders are also called in. All of this calling results in long wait times that annoy customers and create chances for errors in transcription.

5 Benefits of a 3PL for Customer Order Management and Fulfillment

Customer order management and fulfillment is an ongoing process for any e-commerce company.  If you are a manufacturer or distributor, shipping B2B, you most likely have larger orders to ship out compared to a B2C retailer.  Using order management software that allows you to keep track of orders, and automatically transmit them to a 3PL (third party logistics provider) can be the key to getting orders out the door faster and with minimal effort on your part.  Using a high quality service provider that can help you fulfill your orders, will help ensure that you reduce mistakes in the fulfillment process, reduce shipping costs and gain access to higher levels of technology that you would otherwise be unable to invest in.

Process Orders Right in the Field with Sales Order Software

Sales representatives are always looking for ways to make it easier to convince people to buy. They're interested in anything that will make the process more efficient, increase order sizes, and reduce the number of fruitless encounters. Because of this, it's typical for a salesperson to have read several books on the art, added technological aids like smartphones and tablets, and to have learned all about the products they're selling.

What Do Customers want in a B2B E-commerce Platform?

To gain a competitive edge, more and more wholesalers are adding e-commerce capabilities to their operations. It's clear that customers want to be able to order without having to call and wait for representatives, make appointments with salespeople, or go through other time-consuming and error-prone processes.